Laxatives dont work?

I havent been to the toilet properly for about a week .Sunday i be in agony severe pains in my stomach,sweating and feel sick.Had two laxatives and two pain killers which help with the pain.I still havent be toilet and ive now had eleven laxatives over five days from sunday to today thursday.Yesterday afternoon i be in agony again it just comes from in a minute where one minute im fine then the subsequent im crawling on the floor in agony.It is the worse pain even even beat labour pains.Ive been to the doctors surrounded by the past but they are no help.Does anyone know what i can do.My stomach is so sore lately to touch today and im dreading them pains coming back.
If you are still having these pains as I write you really should contemplate about going to the ER, you may have a twisted or obstructed colon. You may also hold abdominal adhesions if you have ever have any type of abdominal surgery, I had that and did not know, had belly pains for 15 yrs, finally have exploratory surgery and the doc cut the adhesions, wow was that great. Anyway rear legs to your problem, are you passing any gas? Do you feel any type of bowel sounds? This may become serious, you could even hold a perforated bowel, this causes poisons to enter your abdominal nouns and you get really sick and could die. I don't mean to terrify you but this is reality. Source(s): disabled RN and personal experience
Take Lactulose Solution..10ml at a time... you will be crapping like a trooper soon ample...

Also try having a fibre bulking agent... something resembling dulcolax... mix with fresh Orange Juice, and drink. This will definitely give support to you.
I have duplicate problem on and off, try sweetcorn, it works on me! Source(s): My stomache !
That is method too many laxatives. Try an enema. They are not fun but worth a try.
try lactulose,it works for me.
Hmm, with adjectives that pain it sounds like you are bloated & pretty in good health backed up. I am guessing that you haven't been drinking alot of dampen. You may want to have some some hot tea, a little subsequent take multi vitamin & lots of water. Bulk fiber usually help form waste together & absorb wet to help it pass. I ruminate yours at least at the tail end & have dried making it hard to pass. The Doctor can relief with an enema for this instance or someone who knows you really very well. I know it's not fun to ask. You will need to check out your diet & liquid intake from very soon on; also is there any history of lactose intollerance in your kith and kin? Source(s): Personal experience.
oh dear i know just how you are feeling i have the same problem last year and it's no quip i remember the pain. first thing don't verbs about what it might be let the doctor desire that, also try not to take too many aching killers as they will only net the problem worse. get to the doctor as soon as you can the sooner you do the sooner you'll feel better. steal care really hope you're better soon.
GO TO THE ER ASAP!! You more consequently likely have a bowel impasse which could be deadly!
Drink plenty of water and fruit juice.prune liquid and grape juice are good.
Also own you tried fybogel its a powder that contains husk.mix with water and drink straight away in the past it goes solid.this will add bulk and bring back things moving.
I think you should go to the Dr if you are getting alot of affliction.Ive had constipation quite a few times and never be in agony just perceive very bloated and uncomfortable.
The fastest passageway to have a bowel movement would be to do an enema with melt water. If this is difficult for you find a Colonic therapist to administer this.

Place 1/2c. of flaxseeds contained by water and soak overnight. In the morning put in a blender next to one banana. eat only this for breakfast. This will back you have a bowel movement within twelve hours.

You want to be taking on a regular basis a powdered fiber supplement first thing within the morning and last thing at darkness. It has to be done regularly to get the benefit. Also acidophilis capsule should be taken twice daily on an empty stomach to put rear into the intestines the necessary bacteria that help the intestines function normally. Source(s): Retired doctor of Naturopathic medicine
I get irritable bowel and follow the pain and discomfort you are in BUT this sounds approaching you need a GP visits sooner fairly than later. You sound approaching you could be impacted (severely constipated) or may have a bowel obstruction developing. Eleven laxatives and no bowel bustle does concern me as i would have expected some result from the laxatives by now. 7 days minus a bowel action is not normal and you involve to be checked out especially as you are in such pain.
Assuming you are intake properly and are on a high fibre diet.
Enemas and suppositories are righteous but I want you to be seen by GP before taking any of these.
Please see your GP without delay. crawling on the floor surrounded by pain and sweating is not normal. Source(s): Registered nurse
You should really get through something very very fatty, then a while after try eating something milky or creamy. This should trade name your stomach churn a little and it SHOULD come out.

Or you can just cleanse your body and drink some sort of cleansing tea. Or catch an enema.
I'm familiarized with such agony. I have IBS-C: Irritable Bowel Syndrome next to constipation. I've tried fiber, laxatives, changing diet, stool softeners, and nothing works. Then I tried Miralax, which not long became available over-the-counter. It used to be available only by prescription. It works wonderfully ably! I use it everyday and it is safe to use over long periods of time. It is a powder and I mix it surrounded by PlumSmart, which is a drink available on the fruit juice/drink aisle at the grocery store. The PlumSmart also helps moves things through the digestive system. You could also try Prune juice.
Castor oil works awfully fast.

You need to modify your diet. Forget about red meat which is probably the worst. White meat is not quite as doomed to failure and fish is much better than chicken. Eggs are no good either.

A lacto-vegetarian diet would help.
Eat more fibre , fruit and beans - you should go hindmost to your doctor though or check into the NHS Direct website - this is quite helpful and they will explain the best course to transport should you not want to see your Doctor again but whatever you do be VERY CAREFUL with laxatives - too plentiful can cause irrepairable damage to your organs

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