What are other perfect menstrual cramp medicine besides midol and tylenol?

this sounds strange but, bananas assistance =D
Ibuprofen was first manufactured and market for menstral cramps. Take a dose of ibuprofen and a cup of hot choclate or coffee - Take a warm bath and discern the relief! Take it from an old pro.
Sorry but Midol and Tylenol does not work for cramps. You need Ibuprofen. maybe Advil or Motrin Ib or Nuprin. Source(s): Myself...A girl next to really bad menstrual cramps
Ponstan or any generic drugs of mefenamic tart

not sure though
Pepto Bismol. It sounds out of the ordinary, but I get the WORST menstrual cramps ever. It's too painful to newly wait out, and I've tried so many different medicine. Pepto Bismol works nicely, the pain go away, without discomfort, though I usually fall asleep for a few hours after taking it. Source(s): Personal Experience=)
Pamprin! and DEFINITELY a heating pad.
Ibuprofen is prescribed quite often by doctors for menstrual cramps. It is an anti-inflammatory agent and it will also sustain heavy blood flow. I would buy Advil, Motrin, or a store brand Ibuprofen. It will help profoundly. And there is no way that taking ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc would ever interfere next to your fertility. I'm not sure why somebody would say that, but it is absolutely not true.
It's not good to take medicine to get rid of your cramps. You are hurting your menstrual cycle and possibly your fertility chances!

We make available it to patients suffering severe menstral cramps. Gas pains and other gut pain.

You can get it from the Chemist. It works extremely ably.
Motrin 200mg. OTC.You can take 3-4 every 6 hours, which is equivalant to a 600mg or an 800mg prescription strength.

If your menses are regular, start a day past you are due, and continue for the days you normally enjoy pain. Do't slack off...Keep it within your system. This is a good remedy, as long as you aren't allergic to Asperin products.
motrin normally help me.i get bad cramps sometimes and within about 15 min after talking the motrin they are relieved

Naproxen is usually valuable with cramping..Visit www.webmd.com for further information in uncomplicated to understand terms. Great site for answers & reliable
i cart Flanax.

a friend suggested Primrose oil which i tried (for 2 months) with surprising results. i took a tablet every hours of darkness and when my period came i did not enjoy any PMS discomforts. i would suggest you ask your doctor first if you want to try it, though.
Besides or instead of medication, try some of these home remedies:

Put a heat pad (set on low) or a hot water bottle on your belly, or whip a warm bath. Heat improve blood flow and may ease the pain.

Lie down and put a pillow underneath your knees, or lie on your side and bring your knees up to your chest. This may help relieve support pressure.

Try exercise. This helps blood flow and reduce cramping.
The health foodstore have rainforest remedys female tonic also for pain near is pamprin. The female tonic helps some women near period problems and cramps.
Ibuprofen/Advil works best for me, that and a warm heating wad and a day in BED.
aleve that is the only entry that relieves my cramps
i know it sounds crazy but bananas!
work wonders!
once you own a few on your worse day you wont feel as bloated and cramping will find lower and you get your intake of fruits for the day
Magnesium help in some cases and you can find further information in a trellis search for "menstrual cramps" + magnesium.
Aleve, Motrin, or plain ole birth control. There may be some good herbal remedies.
Aspirin thins the blood and helps it to flow out more at full tilt. I like to put a heating wipe on my lower back to help near cramps.
drink pineapple juice!
grain better Source(s): experience

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