Why do some perfume wreak headache, nausea and even sudden pallor to me while others appear to?

love them.
Isn't that weird
I get indistinguishable problem. Sometimes it is just one little sniff and I instantly have a headache. I headdress going into the ladies at work and some women just spray loads of perfume on and the smell lingers within there all daylight. Don't they realise that you can still smell it on them, why do they have to keep spraying more.

I am fine next to some perfumes and am beginning to find out which ones I involve to avoid.
You conceivably allergic to a certain element specifically in that perfume.
The same thing happen to me. I think it's because of the chemicals that they use to create the different scents. Different scent are created using different chemicals, and I think some people are sensitive to some of those chemicals. I've notice that flowery scents give me headache, but citrus scents don't. I figure they're going to use some different chemicals making flowery scent than when they make citrus scents.
I'm exactly the same, I have a breathing problem as ably around perfumes etc, so I have an allergy to something, I don`t know that is what you have as okay, an allergy.

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