How do I separate codeine from Tylenol 3?

Now before you self rightous individuals even answer, read this whole entity. I was in a wreck several months ago and crushed my disappeared knee cap. So in a minute I get to spend the rest of my life on a wicker and on painkillers. Well the pain meds is the prob now. I am have to take increased amounts everyday to get nouns. Now I have done my research and found no longterm harmful side effects of hydro or codeine. But the tylenol is a different story. I enjoy found that too much acetaminophen kills a liver. Sooooo any bright ideas on how to find the tylenol out and the safe stuff in. Cause if I am going to be on this stuff long permanent status i would prefer it not kill me from the inside out. Any bored doctors have any planning?
I too enjoy a disease that requires daily pain organization and ran up on the same problem beside the acetaminophen and liver, as my liver is part of my problem. My doctor had be prescribing Oxycodone with tylenol in it and when it be determined that I would bee on this medication long term he beegan prescribing me the Oxycodone with no tylenol cut within. They are just straight 30mg tabs of Oxycodone, near nothing else in them. I'm sure if you converse to your doctor and tell him your concerns he will bee willing to prescribe you a anguish medicine without the added ingredients. Hope this warning helps you!
I am not a "bored doctor" but, am a four year degreed Med Lab technologist and be a supervisor for a large med Lab.
I also have arthritis surrounded by the severe degenerative stages with neurological damages. I've had surgery eight times on my spine, own thirty two wires and, screws in my spine, two "Cages" that are presently degenerating and, severe pain. I sleep I don`t know two to three hours in any one night.
I won't pilfer anything stronger then Vicodin, four times a day, along beside Neurontain, the Lyrica was to expensive, even with co-pay.

There are drugs that will knock the crap out of you and, rob away your pain my friend but, you'd better find a good drug clinic to verbs yourself up after you become an addict, that's the road your headed down.

Now listen: I only had a Medtronic Spine Stimulator implanted, it has controls so you can sort adjustments from a monitor control. It's wonderful, it's not the cat's meow and is about 50% affliction relief know. It also teaches the nerves to alleviate and, grow through dc pulse stimulations. You only feel it when the nerves are pinched or surrounded by trouble, then it acivates and you feel the "buzzing" the nerves are anyone by passed and, the pain.

Medtronic at Minneapolis, Minnesota 1-8OO-328-8000

It's very comfortable and is used medically for tons pain reliefs now.
You are correct. Tylenol is awful on the liver.
Here are my suggestions:
Talk with your doctor about your concern. Plain codeine is available by prescription. That is the easiest, most sensible opening to stop having to take tylenol but still recieve the benefits of codeine.
There is no process to extract tylenol from the tylenol three tablets.some teenagers believe they can extract the tylenol from hydrocodone by letting it sit in distilled water and drinking it, but they are sorrowfully mistaken. Water will not stimulate any type of chemical reaction possible to achieve this, nor will anything else. (or at least possible, anything not found outside of a chemistry lab.) Source(s): I am a certified pharmacy tech currently in pharm. school.
You don't. For long term use gain a blood test every 6 months to check for liver problems. I've been on hydrocodone and oxycodone for years and since I with the sole purpose take the dosage the doctor says I own never had any problems.

You can ask your doctor to prescibe a lower dosage of tylenol like 10/325 instead of the regular 500mg of tylenol

I enjoy a cervical spine injury that has caused chronic agony for 10 years

also try this. There is plenty of drug information here Source(s): personal experience

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