When I roll my eyes it feel approaching possibly the muscles around my eyes hurt?

It's not my eyes that hurt but maybe the muscles around it? Kind of like a headache?? I am sick next to a cold, but why is this so?
then dont roll your eyes
conceivably your just tired. or you could have a disease. what are you doing? obtain off the computer and run! run for your life, you may hold a contagious eye-disease called hystrectomiomnia! run bum! runnn!
Possibly sinus problems, remedy is step and get some elderberry cordial, juice, capsule or anything elderberry and that will stop the bugs getting into the body.

In the meantime and the shops are closed, take a bowl of hot boiling water and stick a towel over your person in charge and breath in the steam.

If you have eucalyptus essential grease or carvol then add a drop it works every time. G Source(s): ND and a sufferer
That is a symptom of SOME types of ailment so since you do have a cold I think the eye soreness came with it.
stop rolling yer eyes
lone do it a few times a day
The best piece is not to roll you your eyes. But if you're in habit, later ask someone to do some masage near your eyes/eyebrows. Source(s): Health
I highly highly outstandingly recommended you see a doctor. Why? Well this happened to my aunt and it turned out she had brain cancer.
She's passed away because it be too late. : (

Best Of Luck! :)
Sinus infection. Or sinus headache. sorry, it sucks. i know. take some suddefed and go to sleep.
aww sweet punishment for being smart and rolling your eyes....serisly its probly simply from your cold wait till your cold goes away and if it still hurts jump to the doc
well consequently i wouldnt do it then... but yea i have done that previously and yes it hurts
You are stretching the eyeball muscles, on the back of the eyes. Let us know when you can't straighten them out anymore.
I wouldn't roll them anymore then. if thye still hurt stir to the hospital or something.. maybe something is wrong with you

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