Back Pain and BIG boobs?

Just wondering if you have back agony caused by large breasts, where on earth is that pain centralised. I have discouraging pains around my upper back?? Could it be related??
Women with excessively large breasts habitually feel pain surrounded by their backs, necks, and even their jaws. That's because of the sheer substance of the breasts. Despite what many people mull over, large breasts aren't a blessing. They're heavy and they cause it very difficult to find outfits that fit properly. You have the choice of getting outfits that are too big and taking them surrounded by at the waist or leaving them as they are so that you look like you're pregnant.
Yes this is often where it is. See your doc just about it though to be sure.
Sure could babydoll. I have décolletage and shoulder pain due to my God given talent (as my mom called it). I've tried to take a reduction twice but my insurance company keeps denying. If you're young at heart and it's not completely overwhelming your life, I'd wait til you bring back older and re-evaluate. For now, lately find good, supportive bras (mine average $50-$65...I know..but worth it). I have to wear 2-3 sports bras to work out - so that blows...but I dont want to hold a reduction til after I have kids. I know several ethnic group that have had them - some concrete young and others in 20s and 30s. I'd be concerned if you're indisputable young that they could grow some more..mine sure did. I'd say mid-20s is a suitable time to start considering a reduction...if you're even thinking about that. So after adjectives this - the answer to your question - YES most definitely is expected due to your chest. Might want to have a consult at least next to your dr and possibly a plastic surgeon - just for info. Good luck! **That thing that be said about larger breasts being a difficult risk for cancer is not true. Obesity increases the risk which often goes along next to large breasts - but research has not concluded that big breasts alone are a compounding factor. Source(s): 2 opinions from different plastic surgeons in Seattle… (near the bottom almost the breast cancer/large breast issue)
I have the same problem, but mine is more upper to middle fund. It sucks for me, but my husband doesn't
Yes, large breasts are a most important cause for back anguish, and are also at higher risk for breast cancer. You should try to find better supporting bras and possibly even one of those back braces they make a contribution people who do a lot of pouring lifting. Depending on how big you are and how much pain this is causing you might even consider a breast money off. Talk to your doctor about your pain and other possible solutions. If you own a significant other, make sure to bring them in on the subject too.
My wife has final pain from big breasts. Her's is mostly in the middle of her final, and down into her lower back.

And yes I deffinatly think it's related, because of the consignment of your breasts is putting extra strain on the back.

Guys, you may think big breasts look cool, but suggest about what the women who have them, own to go through on a daily proof.
No, desolately I don't have breasts.
It sure can. Many women get reductions because the backache is so bad. It can be anywhere in your hindmost because everyone has different posture and slightly different placement of their breasts.
you should go to a doc, and see what they sugest.
but the amount of weight pulling you down is hurting your wager on cuz your trying to hold it up.
its like when you hold a heavy rucksack in your arms.. well kinda close to that
yeah it probably is. unfortunatly one blessed with a full chest has it's drawbacks.. see your doctor, he may suggest you find a place where on earth they make custom bras to minimize the pain or bring a breast reduction done. they make an incision a moment ago under the breast and remove like a pound of or 2 of podgy off each.
yes big breast carry alot amount of waight that eventuly hurts yyour support
Yes. So says my wife and she have major sized funbags. Source(s): My wifes huge Jugs.
yes sweetie it sure could be I really feel for you but ask your GP next time your in that
I have seen a program within the past about a woman who have a problem with large breasts cause her to have back strain. She had breast reduction surgery to relief ease that pain.

Yes, the size of your breasts could be cause the pain. I would recommend checking with your doctor as very well to see what they say.
A lot of connections bet. these two.One probability is that if yu are embarassed of the size of your breasts(be proud of it), you may tend to totter a bit stooping. tis results in stress near the rear legs and consequently pain in the stressed parts.

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