Has anyone ever hear of getting diarrhea from ingestion too much popcorn? I would expect it would do the reverse

My son is 2 yrs old and he ate a lot of popcorn yesterday, and I expect A LOT, and today he has diarrhea.
it has some fibers but it does not create diarrhea in itself. it is probable that the popcorn had a touch bugs (any virus or bacteria) on it. But do not worry. If it is not a bloody diarrhea and he has no confusion just give him plentifully of liquids (ORS is preferable) and wait till tomorrow. If it does not carry better visit a pediatrician.
good luck next to your son
i agree i construe it would be the opposite too.
yes popcorn is a ruffeg it can travel through like a fright train clean you out subsequent time limit the amount he eats righteous luck happy day
OMG ...I ate alot of popcorn on Sunday when I went to the movies and I have have diarrhea ever since.
Not only popcorn but anything which requires fine chewing and we do not chew well will come out within this manner, if it is difficult to digest. Another addition to this is chlorophyl contained by green juices of veggies and partially ripe fruits. The chlorophyl body cant digest, so throws out contained by as received condition. Any nuts if you do not chew well, they will be thrown out in like peas in a pod manner. LIver secrets more bile, so that coarsely chewed food any gets dissolved and therefore digested by bile deed, or bile acts a s laxative to throw undigested food. When food poisoning occurs, liver works over-time to secert more bile and bring diorrhea, so than poisons can be thrown out without damage to body, and we smart population try to stop this cleansing action by taking something like Lamotil or some other synthetic drug!
Another experience when children of this age get diarrhea is when teething occurs. Greenish stools emerge beside lots of liquid in the stool. However, why stools are greenish, no usual anseer so far, question posted by this author. By using keyword 'greenish' you can search if wish to answer. Source(s): ayurveda knowledge
It might be the "butter" although that stuff in the microwave bag and at the movies isn't really butter.
Anything that will upset a small child's stomach can give him diarrhea. Eating too much will do that to anyone.
its call hyperpopcorniazation lol
i dont know...
he shud be farting hell alot though
if you use a popper on the stove you may hold put in way too much grease. too much vegetable oil can give you the put a bet on door trots in just a few hours. Source(s): i to some extent be running than so hard it wont come out and i have be because of meds i take. i even have a script for a laxative.
Popcorn has profoundly of fiber. That's probably where the diarrhea is coming from.
Its the grease and butter that gives you the slides. Plain popcorn might not do so much. Movie popcorn always get me.
Since popcorn is corn, which definately causes diarrhea it makes sense.
Popcorn has abundantly of fiber--your son had way too much for his infantile digestive system. Diarrhea is not an unexpected result. Make sure he's drinking plenty of fluids so he doesn't dehydrate. If poopies continue, bring him to the pediatrician.

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