A man at 6 foot should weigh how much?

My husband says 180 max and i say 200 who is right? he have a muscular build and i say muscle weighs more afterwards fat he is 292 right now and have a beer gut. but his arms legs are solid. he thinks he needs to loose over 100 lbs what do u give attention to?
Technically around 192.

You are overweight at 220

You are obese at 240

You are morbidly obese at 260

Um, I would point out the word "morbidly". He is killing himself.

He needs to lose 50 pounds. Now.
My husband is 6 ft, he weighs 190. my son is 6'3, he is very muscular but have a beer gut. he weighs 280. he needs to lose 50-80 pounds. the consignment depends on bone mass and health as well as muscle and age and hobby. your husband might feel better losing the 92lbs and going from there. Also don't know his age, but other check with your doctor.
200 is a little track too much. id say 180 or smaller quantity.
You can look at BMI tables, however they are remarkably misleading. There is no set answer on how much you should weigh. I am 6'0 and weigh 194. According to the BMI tables, I am overwieght, however, I have 17% bodyfat. I play lacrosse, climb 14ers(mountains contained by colorado that are 14,000 feet and over) and lift 4 days a week. Your waist width is a good measure as capably as bodyfat percentage. I dont think you should set a goal base on weight it is too misleading. If he has a muscular build, he probably will gain muscle easier however, it may be harder to lose grease, but dont get discouraged, just start count in some cardio in add-on to weightlifting, you will be fine.
here is a Body Mass Index Calculator (BMI). 180 is in the normal capacity at 6 feet. Source(s): http://www.cdc.gov/nccdphp/dnpa/bmi/adul…
168-192 pounds Source(s): http://www.hall.md/ideal-weight/met.htm
i think he's fine, if he has muscular build, he doesn't want to freak out and decide to lose it. I'm 6 feet also and my weigh right presently is 170, but i heard 6 feet high-ceilinged guys cal go from 160 to 250. So tell your husband he's fine, if he feel he's getting fat, tell him to run on a diet, but not on a 100 pound diet. He may be have to do half of what he think...good luck!
164-188 thats for a big frame Source(s): http://www.weightchart.org/
You've picked the perfect range for his rise 180 - 200 lbs. Heathly body fat should be no more then 25% (athletic body cooking oil is up to 12%) I'm 6'0", 250lbs (a) 33% body fat. I look like a stripe backer with a beer belly, but I can live beside that!

He should consider dropping 50-ish pounds.
350 lbs
I say 195
well my husband is in the order of 6... tall and he ways 230. i think he looks outstandingly sexy. not a fat part on him. but thats of late my opinion.
200 lbs is common.. that's if you have any muscle! 180 is about average.. and max is something like 250.
190 lbs
If he's muscular as you say he should stir down to 190 - 195.

I'm 6' 2" and I workout. I'm pretty lean and muscular and I weigh 195. If I wanted a 6 pack of abs I could probably drop to 190 but 195 looks pretty damn good on me and I'm just 2 inches taller than your husband.
I'm a nutritionist

your husband is right, 140 to 180lbs would be the vigorous range for a 6 foot man (that's a healthy BMI)

above 180 (and no problem at 200) he would be overweight and by 215 he would be obese Source(s): http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ to calculate BMI and to explain what it is

200 is overweight for someone 6' male by a doctor. but 200 is more HEALTHY looking.

180 or smaller number would be skin and bones.

coming from me 6'1" male that weighted 180 at one time.
Around 150- 190 pounds.
Actually 200 is overweight, he should weigh about 180-190.
More than 70 KGs.
180 to about 190 is about right

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