Can I drink coffee if I'm sick?

I'm wondering if coffee has any negative (or positive) effects. I construe I have the flu now. Does it transformation my metabolism (I've been going to the bathroom non-stop)? Improve things? I feel the want for caffiene and was wondering.
Coffee does effect your metabolism, especially if you drink it straight. Most of the positive effects from coffee are short permanent status due to the constricting of blood vessels which allows them to move rapidly through the blood stream. As for the effect it will hold on someone with the flu. Just can't honestly say, depends on the soul, the illness, all kind of factors. Give it a try, but I wouldn't make it too strong..
Personally, I consider coffee is good for you. There have be many studies that show it. If you're craving caffine, I wouldn't think it would hurt you to drink a moment or two. I'd leave the cream out though because it sometimes causes stomach problems. Source(s): TV, 20/20 long as you don't throw it up. Ha-Ha-Ha-. But no, go for it, when i was sick, i would other have my coffee in the morning, midday, and night.
It does own caffeine in it which is a vasoconstrictor and will speed up your heart rate. However, coffee has be shown recently to have some hugely advantages affects. Go ahead knock yourself out. Hope you get well soon.
caffeine will clog up your system flush out the germs with 3 litres marine a day
Coffee can actually be a laxative for some people and due to the caffeine it is also a diuretic which will engender you pee more often. Since you're already and sick and seem to be going to the bathroom persistent if you want to continue drinking the coffee then you also stipulation to replenish your body with water. That passageway you don't become dehydrated.
Although coffee may tilt your temperature - a good article, insofar as the enzyme systems that fight viruses operate more successfully at a higher temperature - it does interfere next to immune health. After all, the coffee plant produces caffeine as an insect repellant. You should try out something smaller number powerful like Yerba Mate tea, which is also alkalinzing. A good entity when your sick.
Caffeine will increase your diarrhea and urination.
It's a diuretic.
Two things: coffee is a diuretic, which means it make you want to pee (increases your kidney output), and caffeine will dehydrate you and take the place of better fluids you could be drinking that will help you surface better. So, no, coffee is not the best thing to be drinking when you are sick. Tea is better, but still go smooth on anything caffeinated. Best to stick to juice and water.
Try a short time bit, it shouldn't hurt you. But if you start feeling sick again afterward then you'll know it probably wasn't a righteous idea.
I drink coffee all the time, even when I'm sick and it have no ill affects on me.
Coffee may cause you to hold loose bowels. It further dehydrates you. Stay away from coffee and tea while you have the flu. Drink plenty of water and clear juice.
if your body is in stipulation you need to drink some do it in moderation ;if one listen to your body it tell us what we need
iIf you want to puke up coffee then travel for it. Otherwise, stick to clear liquids...Ginger Ale and 7 Up. Stick to the B.R.A.T Diet for a few days. Get Better :) Source(s): BRAT DIET - Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast.
If going to the bathroom means you hold diarrhoe, coffee would make this worse. Have weak tea instead.
have to make clear to you...would suggest staying away from it...if you have the need for caffine...later I suggest tea...with a spot (couple teaspoons of honey)...that should do the trick for you...

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