Why do some men ejaculate so swiftly after entering the woman?

I know it can happen the first time if you are very anxious but after mortal with the person for some time is it a problem that some guys enjoy or can the person still be that much of a turn on for them son't mean to nouns stupid just need a short time schooling on the subject
Why do you ask such moronic questions?
there are profoundly of reasons, and every guy has one, it can be anxiety, the guy is too horny because he is going to draw from laid so the body responds very quick, stress, primitive instinct of survival and procreation, I don`t know he feels that is wrong to fornicate previously marriage so he comes fast (uncounsciously), within are a lot of reasons.

what i can let somebody know you is that use penetration for last, you can do deeply of things before that, he can use his hands, fingers, tongue, even legs, he have to learn to please you outside and when you feel in position he can penetrate you, take your time...

well brought-up luck
I agree beside caly and whoelse. With experience and maturity, the urge to ejaculate moderates, and that's when the fun (for both partners) really begins.
How quickly is quickly? Most men can budge for AT LEAST a few minutes before ejaculation. If its the same guy, afterwards it is proably either a case of he is to some extent inexperienced and doesn't know how to control himself OR he may actually have a sexual disfunction. If it is a perception you are have with more than one partner, then your expectations might not be believable.
hmmm, im not sure, but i think that they r of late so turned on, maybe they love ur body 2 much lol, if i were u , i wouldnt worri almost it
Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a very common and serious problem suffered by 1 out of 4 males. The cause of PE range from person to soul and from psychological to physical. The average time a male suffering from PE is less than 5 minutes of intercourse since they ejaculate.

There are many supplements and techniques that are obedient for this issue. There are also medications, but those have side effects. I would recommend using 5-HTP 200mg, which is a serotonin precusor. A low serotonin stratum has been coupled to PE, that is why doctors prescribed anti-depressants, 5-HTP will boost the serotonin levels essentially. You can also practice the Natural Ejaculation Control Tecnique. Source(s): www.herballove.com
Cause men are microwaves, and women are crockpots.
Open the door and put it in, press the timer, and ding!, Their done.
For women it is an all year event. Slow and steady till it is done just right.
Keep that in mind and you won't be disappointed.
Some people only just dont care

if a guy wanted to he can ultimate all day... any that or you just have a bangin' vagy...
Depends on how often he have sex. If he hadn't had it for a while he might explode as soon as he enters. I assume too that he still has the hots for the person that's why. If it happen too often it might be a problem. If he can keep it contained by there for at least 10 minutes should be ok. Women purloin longer to get there, but if longer than 10 minutes I feel that something is wrong with her too.
Most men can swot up to hold off.Some dont want to.They have no consideration for us women.Wamm bamm thank you mamm.If he cant slow down for you cut him past its sell-by date,it's not like you'd be missing anything.He will learn to slow down or step without.
You don't sound stupid first of all, second premature ejaculation or "so quickly" as you own put it is primarily due to lack of control by the young man. When men 1st become sexually moving with a partner they have no control and regularly may "release" or ejaculate even before they have fully enter the women. With age, maturity, experience and the desire to men do and can learn and master the capacity to control their orgasm...even to the point where they 1st bring the woman to orgasm then he releases near her.
too excited as men fully grown they do get better...
No self-control. They need to imagine about something that doesn't excite them, not what they're doing to you.
I dont know about your experience individually. But I was always told that it depends on how angelic it is to them if it's really good they cant hold out. I was also informed that they can try to chew over of other things during the moment to hold out longer. I dont know I like to tell myself it's that GOOD. (smile)

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