Why didn't Fleet's Enema or Ducolax work on constipation?

I've had constipation for 6 days now. Today I used a Ducolax suppository beside no results other than small, hard stool equaling 3 marbles(sorry couldn't deem of a better description). I then used a Fleet's enema with duplicate result, most of the liquid leaked out. I've never have it like this before, any suggestions until I can name my doctor? Thank you.
It could be that you have escalated to fecal impaction. The Fleet enema contains Sodium Phosphate which should pull moisture through the colon wall. In the meantime whip several stool softeners.

If you haven't had a BM in an hour. Look up milk and molasses enema. Mix that up and nick it and I promise anything in your colon will be coming out. Stay very close to the toilet for this one. After that you should lug several cleansing warm water enemas to verbs out the milk and molasses.

If you not that daring, take a 1 to 2 quart heat up (105F) water enema containing 2 teaspoons of salt per quart. Take it slowly by floppy the bag about 12" to 18" above your rectum. If you consistency cramping stop the flow and pant like a puppy until the cramp subsides then verbs. If you reach a point where you can't bear anymore, try to retain it for 15 minutes or so. It will help moisten the stool and provide the volume to help it move. If this doesn't work procure to an ER as you have a serious problem.
I agree that it appears you have some type of lower bowel impaction.

Yes use an enema pack filled with 2 qts of reheat water with a bit of table saline added or even baking soda. Try to take as much of the enema as possible to fill your lower bowel slowy; try the up on adjectives fours position, butt in the air it allows the enema to flow unrestricted.

Orally cart stool softeners drink a lot of water etc. If the enema does not bring on positive results please appointment your doctor or go to the ER---this is serious and nothing to play games next to.

Remember if you have been on voice pain meds for something they are very constipating. Diet can grounds this but other factors may be contributing.

I am a trained colon therapist and herbalist by the track.

DO NOT use a milk and molasses enema as was suggested. Too strong until you determine the cause of your constipation. Source(s): www.enematips.com

30 years experience within giving enemas.
I suggest you any try a bag enema or call the hospital (they'll probably do like peas in a pod, plus x-rays).
Use a enema bag instead of those fleets. I would imbue the bag 1/2 way give somebody a lift the 1/2 bag of water brand name sure it does not leak. Its more economical than the fleets. A regular enema bag works in good health. I use it when I am under the weather with constipation.

Good luck
I'd say you have fecal impaction. Take a stool softener and mix up 2 heap tablespoons of Epsom Salts in 1/2 glass slap water and drink it. You will be in the bathroom in the next 30 minutes, probably several times. It tastes horrible but works great. You are not getting ample liquid in your colon. You involve to drink water, water, river and no caffeine which causes you to pee the water out of your body. If you drink soda or coffee/tea drink decaf. Plenty of dampen and fruits & fruit juices (the kinds beside pulp) and lots of bran/fiber.Your colon is too dried out from lack of fluids. Source(s): retired paramedic

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