Im not pooping regularly?

ok so like the last month or so ive be eating healthier and working out. i havent be munching on junk like i used to, but i dont poop each day either like i used to. i usually poop once every 3 or 4 days. and this have never happened to me before when i ate well. i eat fruit at lunch, and i have cereal bar or cereal (which has fiber) in the morning, so why arent i pooping regularly?
i dont want to bring laxitives or anything, i just want to poop naturally i guess. so can somebody describe me why this has happened?

You should swallow some kind of rock to push it out...
First of all thank you for sharing your routine with this community!

"poop naturally" - the grown version of this called man regular! What you're describing is constipation!

Here is some information on Bowel Regularity & constipation, I am afraid you'll put a picture of your stool (it means poop) online for us to examine!…
add lots of vegies contained by there, soup too, that helps xo
Going 3 or 4 days between poops is no big deal, its when you don't progress for weeks that you have a problem
take fiber pills, it'll help you out and it's full-bodied because it's FIBER pills. =) I had to take some because I didn't poop for 3-4 days and I usually poop on a day after day basis.
you,re not getting plenty water.
drink plenty of water and eat some bananas...but not too several.take it easy on the fiber too. use the wet calculator on google to see much you have to drink (it may sound similar to a lot but space it out,drinking too much water at once is bad) sea is a MUST for exercisers.

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