What is the best means of access to sterilize scissors and/or tweezers?

flame? boil? I don't have any sterilization solutions..
melt them and remake them
The best way would be to use an autoclave. But this is an expensive piece of equipment and probably very improbable for casual use. I'd suggest putting the objects into boiling water for something like 5 minutes (given that they are surgical or stainless steel) ,sterilizing them with an alcohol soak and wear sterile, powder free latex gloves prevent further contamination when you handle these objects. You should unquestionably NEVER EVER USE an open FLAME to sterilize something. Contrary to popular belief this is actually greatly unsanitary and can cause a major infection that could potentially organize to gain green or even worse problems. Hope this helps. Source(s): common wisdom.
Well, the BEST way would be to run them through an autoclave, but since you don't hold one of those, then some alcohol would be sufficient for most wants, or, failing that, boil them or use flame, but be careful not to leave any black smoke grades on them, because that will actually show up on cut and healed skin approaching a tattoo, believe it or not!

Good luck!...
Boil them or soak them in alcohol. This will sanitize them, but sterilizing steal professional Equipment
boil them or perchance soak in rubbing alcohol...but i would boil.
run a lighter under it
if you want to kill everythign on them without backfire...dip them in rubbing alcohol then dry them using A BLOWTORCH. anythign on those suckers are gonna be deadddddddddd. but if you want to lately use the normal route, just dip them within rubbing alcohol or use a lighter and hold it to the metal and go up and down.

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