Should you pop a cold sore?

i have a cold sore. i know its a cold sore and not a canker sore. on out side of my mouth

one person say to pop it to let it dry out, drain and heal faster.
another say not to pop it because it can spread fast.

what do i do?
It is best to preserve it clean and dry and use a little drop of cold sore lotion on it once hourly. If it persist, or spreads, see your doctor in case it is infected.
I have those too, and the second warning you got is right.

Don't pop it. If it has gone to the crusty top, it shouldn't spread. It spreads when it's surrounded by that itchy stage. But do not pop anyway, because it may still be in the contagious stage and it will crust over again and take longer to alleviate .

Also if you touch your cold sore while it is contagious, you will spread it by touch to other areas. Don't wipe on your towel or anything like that.

I was bothered next to cold sores for years until the doctor gave my brother a prescription for Dalacin T topical solution (UK name). It comes in a bottle and is usually used for skin disorders or impossible pimples. Well, that stuff is the only stuff that has ever worked for me. It kill it in no time at all if you wipe it regularly. If you put it on right away, it won't even develop into a sore. Even Zovirax, which you can get from your local pharmacy, is not as good.

Just preserve your cold sore soft by using some cream on it, and that should help with the crusting, but once again don't pop.

All the best.
ew. ewwwwww. no!
Don't pop it and buy some over the counter meds (Like $10 at Wal-Mart/Target) to win rid of it.
DONT TOUCH IT. If you do touch it wash your hand. I recomend the medicine, Valtrex, it has minimal side effects if any and will minister to reduce the sore and prevent others. Also dont kiss anyone because you would transfer it to them Source(s): My moms a doctor and tell me way to much.

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