Why do my ears smell?

OK, this is quite embarrassing but my ears r really itchy inside and when I verbs them with a cotton bud they smell. I am a clean party and I have not been swimming lately, I am unsure what it could be - is here an over-the-counter product I can buy to fix it, as I don't have time to do to the doctors.
Your ears are infected.
dunno but if you can smell them you must own a weird sited nose. he he or do they really stink? stop man too clean it can become an obsession in recent times be normal and be tidy
dont know usualy its your nose
do u wear glasses if u do rinse the back of ur ears and be careful the smell could knock out an elephant
i ponder you should use hydrogen peroxide and if that doesn't work then you need to step try to flush your ears. the hydrogen peroxide kills TONS of germs...it really works.
i have like problem go to your gp and ask for OTOMIZE EAR SPRAY its brill stops itching instantly and the smell.you probably have an ear infection explanation that is the symptoms as i have at this moment surrounded by time good luck i know this will work for you.
The itch could be from a few things, a fungal infection such as swimmers ear, eczema, moisture.
The smell is likely coming from an infection, and since your outer ear go back into your head and is contained by contact with important and not evident body parts that YOU DO NOT WANT INFECTED- see your physician, or go directly to a ear,nose, & throat specialist.
instead of using swabs use mineral grease it will melt the wax and they won't smell
sounds like wax buildup.
sorry sweetie but you have to dance to the docs, it sounds like you have an ear infection and if you own only antibiotics will get rid past its sell-by date it. Ignore it and it will get worse. Get well.
ear infection-see ENT
All ears smell surrounded by some way.

Its normal, and in actual fact means your ears are quite on top form.

Like when you Pass Gas.

Just Clean your ears every day.
Go to your local nutrition store and ask for a ear candle. They work great and will get rid of that waxey build up. ( P.S. You will stipulation a friends help.)
Find time to see an ENT and return with it looked at. Aren't you worth it ?? Good Luck ! :)
Ask your pharmacist at your chemist, he will advise you on what to do
I think the inside of everyones ears enjoy a waxy smell. You might have an infection in your sinuses though. Get a fast check up to ease your mind.
Have purely got rid of my ear problem. I used Otex ear drops and they worked really well. You can buy them from the chemists. They contain hydrogen peroxide which is really perfect stuff (despite some peoples opinions) I was advised to use melt olive oil but this didn't work on me. Good luck!!
DO NOT use cotton buds inside your ears,i used to when i was younger and very soon suffer from reoccuring ear infections,only use them round about the outside as they can incapacitate your eardrums.

It sounds to me as if you have an ear infection-similar symptoms to me,go to your doctor and he`ll prob prescribe drops to clear it up,i other get Gentisone H.C and they clear it up fast and stops the itchiness,i`ve never be able to buy anything over the counter for it and when i`ve tried and explained to the pharmacist they always describe me to get checked out by my doctor.

Hope this helps. Source(s): personal experience
hydrogen peroxide can be found at the grocery store, drug store etc. Check in the firstaid aisle. A 16 oz bottle is smaller number that a dollar!

and why the heck are you smelling your earwax?? that's gross!

And be careful with the peroxide contained by ears though. It can be very painful if there's ear harmed. Source(s): experience
ears arent designed to be smelt are they, thats why they are out of range from your nose. DONT SMELL YOUR EARS, smell your toes
i consider it is to do with your eating habit's see your doc
look dear, you are suffering from a disease called otomycosis and it also may own ASOM, all these are infectious disease and spread by water, during shower or by any ability when water goes into your ear waterway and if it has shampoo with it , at hand is starting of infection like fungul and becterial infection.

1.you will feel itching contained by your ear
2. some time you feel haeviness and something like sea coming from your ear.
3. and obviously smell is pure sign of both the infection.

Take some precaution
1. not a single drop of water should not budge into your ears by any means

as i read your question, that you are asking for hydrogen ;per oxide, Remember one entry if you will use this ,you will not get the result in long expressions , and this medicine can cause more pull to your ear, so by my advise do not use this hydrogen per oxide
because after using it , i m sure you will get distress with itching into your ear.




I would move about see a Dr. the fact that they are itchy could be sign of some other problem deeper in the ear and the smell could be from an infection
GO to the pharamacy and ask the pharmasist they can direct you to what over the counter meds are good for what you have or they may share you it is serious and you need to see a doctor.
your ears clean themselves smoothly. If smelly you probab;y have an infection. Visit the doctor

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