Are household breathing mask competent to protect against secondhand smoke?

My girlfriend is trying to protect herself against her dad's secondhand smoke. She's used facial masks before, but they be old and used up, so I bought her a 20-pack of these newer face mask that are designed to protect against airborne pollution in the form of particulates/dust/etc. It doesn't work against chemical fumes, so I guess I figured that using the mask would protect her lungs from harm via the tar, ash, soot, etc., but wouldn't prevent her from one exposed to the toxic chemicals. I told her to use them to prevent damage to her lungs when she must, but to first and foremost stay away from the smoke if she can. Is my assessment of the masks correct? Are they competent to protect her? Thank you so much for your help!
Well they will protect a bit, but id any get her to ask her dad not to smoke. Otherwise just avoid self in the house, find a way to escape.
Yes, it's better than zilch. You are sweet to be so caring. :0)

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