The Importance of Multiculturalism?

Why is understanding the ethnicity, customs, and way of duration, traditions, and mores of a specific society (multi-culturalism) important to todays health and wellness professional?
This sounds resembling a homework assignment, so I'm not going to give you all the answers, but some concept where you might start.

A person who will not put away certain foods because of religious or cultural beliefs may become nutritionally compromised if they cannot have the foods they prefer. If at hand are no medical reasons to prohibit this, family member should be encouraged to bring healthy and adjectives foods to the patient.

Some cultures have strong beliefs nearly female family member being cared for by men or even have men present in the woman's room. If you were a charge nurse, would you assign a masculine or female nurse to this patient?

By study about different cultures we might be able to provide more efficient patient care next to little effort. Source(s): RN

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