Different colored mucus?

*Gross Question:* When I blow my nose, clear, normal colored mucus comes out of my vanished nostril but an egg-yolk-yellow mucus comes out of my right nostril. I have strep throat, and I'm on antibiotics but why are they different colors?!
Educated answers only please.
My sister is a kick-boxer and she got a blow to the head a few years ago and sickly mucus was flowing out of her nose for a few days after. Turned out to be of no great exigency but if you are concerned, talk to your doctor.
You must check near your Doctor ASAP. You may have a serious sinus infection. The yellowish mucus is a discharge of such infection. Drink lots of water to support you release the infection and inform your doctor as to the difference in color. Source(s): Some knowledge and adjectives sense
You made me vomit in my mouth.
You may enjoy an infection in the sinus on that side of your face. Simple answer. Source(s): Retired RN

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