Sometimes my foot clench/seize up and it really hurts - what cause this?

There is a sharp pain along the arches on the bottom of my feet and my toes curl themselves. It primarily feels as if my foot is trying to bend itself in partially but can't manage it.
Usually this happens of its own concurrence, but sometimes I can bring it on myself, by clenching my feet tight.
I can relieve the pain by grab my toes and bending them backwards. If I let go, it hurts again. I inevitability to hold my toes backwards untill it has gone away.

What causes this? Is it a muscle spasm or something? I've lived beside it for years, it doesn't happen very repeatedly, but I'd like to know what it is and if there's any cure.
Check out the types of shoes you're wearing when it happens. Women tend it get this when they wear large heels/stillettos-for men, it could be shoes that don't provide enough arch support. Get in the need of stretching your feet and toes at the end of the light of day too...
Definately a foot cramp. Feels similar to a huge animal has chomped down and your foot curls up from the inside out! Just be thankful its not a charley horse within your calf!

They are extremely painful and I get them when I wear high-ranking heels or even wearing boots. Best thing is when you've been on your foot a lot or you've identified the trigger (as in my types of shoes for me) next when you get home, take past its sell-by date the shoes, and have a nice warm tub or soak your feet. If you can't do this then catch some body lotion and rub onto your feet massaging them. Prevention is the knob. Get your feet to relax.

Hint: If you have a partner, bear a bath (so your feet are verbs and not smelly) and them ask them very nicely if they'd stroke your feet. You might have to promise them a pay for rub or something but both are nice to give and receive and other fun might ensue!

Good luck in anything you try. Cramps are NO fun. *S*
ohh i bring those too, hurts like hell!
take a potassium supplement. Eat more bananas.
Mine only just did that last Friday it does hurt really bad... but i hold no clue what causes it... I would like to know too.
This does sound like cramps, and as some general public have said changing your diet will assist with circulation, you could also try odorless garlic capsules which will abet, there are also Red Maple Leaf tablets which are very right but are also expensive. Good luck whatever you try i know what it feels similar to and Garlic caps seems to do the trick for me.
Sounds like a muscle cramp. That's essentially a sustained spasm. They are very common within your feet and calves. It can really hurt, and feel resembling the muscle is "locking up."

Lots of things can bring them on, including heavy exercise and deficiencies contained by diet.

When I have had problems, I looked to increase sodium and potassium surrounded by my diet. Scarf more bananas, and the salt is easy to come by from any source...
Ask your Doctor, that's what they are here for!
Hi, it soundslike foot cramps . this could be because of doomed to failure circulation, you need to do certain foot exercises to assist circulation ,when you are sat with your foot up circle them at the ankles every night for a while and this could help. Otherwise call round your docs and explain as it could be somethign worse like DVT which is usually the legs etc!!
Drink Dill Pickle Juice Out Of The Jar,It works Almost Immediately,A Little A Day Will Keep This From Happening..Really Will Work...
Its cramp. I return with it and my toes go every which way! lol
There are medication which help, some are precsription meds but there are some over the counter meds available.
My own personal remedy (NOT evaluated by the medical profession...on the other hand!) Cut down on salt, walk lots and drink a considerable glass of tonic water (with quinine, not quinine free) back bed every night. When I do get an attack I stand on tip toes until the worst of it is over after walk a little until I can get the impression the muscles relax.
it's cramp.

Get moving, get stretching, grasp the blood pumping, before you get an episode of cramp. Keep the muscle heat as well. Sometimes you can feel the threat of one and back away from it before it happen.. I sometimes get something similar in the calf muscle but by getting more busy I stopped that happening.

Get a bicycle and use it daily; not aggressively, purely enough to keep the blood pumping.
Muscle spasm which could be caused by a variety of things. Dehydration, potassium less, even tension (stress), too much water, etc, etc.

Warming and stretching (in that order) the muscles can serve keep them supple.
muscular spasm. it is known as cramp, and yes it hurts but there are worse pains i can assure you lol.
Cramps. Very difficult to numeral out why. It's brought on by different things in different people. Sometimes dehydration. Other times is a vitamin or mineral not as much as. ??
it sounds like you hold a condition called plantar fachaitis
common surrounded by people who are on there foot alot
i suggest you go to your gp and get a ref to an intermediate musculosketal service
sounds like cramp.
try less brackish in your diet, or try to use lo sodium salt (with a high pottasium content) drink more water, especially close to bedtime

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