I'm gag when I smoke. Why?

This is a serious question and no anti-smoking comments please.
I smoke a pack a day and just this minute when I inhale I get the feeling I'm going to vomit.
I'm wondering what could be the result in of this.
Yes i agree maybe the ciggies you are smoking are too strong.

no no i cant resist it im trying honestly oh oh oh here it comes.

why dont u give it up if its discomfited!!
I'm not really sure why this is but i used to get it when i go out drinking and it just seamed to be i was smoking to much as i smoke abundantly more when i drink so maybe your should try and smoke less and delight in the few your do have! Source(s): my head
The gag reflex could be caused by an involuntary twitch or spasm in the subsidise of your throat. It could be triggered by a number of things. Have you recently changed the brand that you smoke? Did you smoke something "different" just now which may have irritated the lining of the throat? You could even enjoy a restricted airway due to an infection. If it gets worse I would consider seeing a Dr, but be prepared for the lecture on trying to grant up. If you enjoy smoking (show me a smoker who doesn't) I would suggest try a lighter brand or slow down if your inhale is aggressive it could just be that which is irritating the inside of your throat. Hope this help. Happy smoking. Source(s): Just my wobbly head.
Somebody's sprinkling Smoke-B-Gone on your cornflakes.
All I can tell you is try a lighter cigarette
You should see a doctor.

Cigarette smoke paralyzes the cilia which move mucus out of your lungs and bronchial pipes. Eventually it kill them and you have more and more trouble with congestion.

But this sounds close to something different. Really, see a doctor.

It might be nicotine poisoning, or throat cancer, or someone might have put some hair within your cigarettes.

But don't assume, see a doctor.
You probably dont enjoy it anymore.
maybe you have are allergic to one of the ingredients inside - near are tons and tons of substances in cigarettes which they don't write down.
have you changed your brand of cigarette just this minute?
It is I should think a good enough cause to seriosly think about giving up - it is intricate to do at the best of times, even with the warning ad that proliferate. Be sensible - unlike myself who is still trying to end the addiction.
It can be a case of sirosis of liver, please drop by the doc asap.
i had some experience like that too. but it be because i was under stress and have no sleep and i was also anxious at that over something.
Whether you want one or not, you're going to get an anti-smoking comment.

Its your bodies instructive telling you to give up smoking.

I've get this far in life [52 years] lacking ever taking it up and if I get another 50 in minus smoking.....

Give it up mate and enjoy life short it.

Regards Biggles
Just about every ingredient in a cigarette is a poison and an irritant to the mouth, throat and lungs. The gag reflex is an autonomic response designed to keep your airways open so that nouns can get in to your lungs. Coupled next to this, the vomiting reflex probably arose to stop us ingesting things that could be bad for us.

The gagging reflex is your body's passageway of telling you that it doesn't really like smoking and that you are surrounded by danger of poisoning yourself.

The question is, is your desire to stay alive greater than your desire for cigarettes. Source(s): solid life
I was going to influence you are pregnant, then I see the male avitar, I don`t know you need to get a lighting cigarette, mabe the brand you smoke is too rich for you.
Hi does it also happend when you are eating also. I would go to the doctors and bring back your self checked out. As i recently lost my unlce to cancer of the throat and the osephagus. Its worth to get it checked out. It could simply be flem from changes in heat or you could be getting a cold. Either way cant hurt going to the doctors can it. It could be a chest infection or even asthma.
See a doctor and at least net sure you get a chest X-ray.

I am not going to preach at you, since you already know what I would say.

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