Passing out after drinking soda?

Today my little brother took a drink of soda and felt a pain within his chest. He sat down from the pain and passed out cause his chair to fall spinal column onto the ground. He quickly came too and feel fine. Does anyone know why this happend? Could it be because of the carbonation?
heres a site to look at:

If it hasnt happened ever before, it probably isnt a big promise.
But just in casing, go to the emergancy room to check up on him!

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That sounds horrible. If it has never happened in the past i don't really know what to say but if he has earlier he needs to stop drinking soda. Just in satchel though you should go to the emergency room or doctors. Also if you want to go to far into it grasp the soda drug tested. Source(s): MEEEE
I doubt it's the carbonation. There was probably something else going on. The simple explanation is that it's the result of a drop in blood pressure but you never know. Since he is fine presently don't make a big deal something like it. Just make an appointment with the doctor and bring it up after.
has this ever happen before and was he drinking soda a short time ago prior?

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