Is pooping once or twice a week middle-of-the-road?

I normally only poop once or twice a week.. i dont know if that typical?
What is the normal amount of poop to poop a week?
Everyone is different, but i would think a nutritious individual, depending on his/her diet, would have a bowel movement at least once a hours of daylight.
As many others hold stated, every human is an individual and will do their own 'normal' thing. However the way surrounded by which you question is phrased will not give the answer you involve. It's not only the number of times you actually travel, it is also the consistency of that bowel movement that determines if it is healthy or not. Everyone knows what diarrhea is and unambiguously that is not your problem. But my question would be are those 1-2 stools a week soft or sturdy? That says alot. If they are soft, it's just your conventional and don't worry about it. If they are sturdy, formed balls, you are constipated and that is why so few stools. That is not righteous. For example, my normal is every 3-4 days, but I take alot of meds, am impartially inactive, and take a stool softener day by day to make sure that all these conditions don't basis problems. This is my normal. However, there is one med that I nick for pain that tends to constipate and when it does those change in stool will tell me. Your body is pretty smart. Just reimburse attention to what it is telling you. Source(s): Retired RN
Once or twice a week is not normal. You may obligation to increase your fiber intake, and get more physical activity (cutting down dairy products may help).
You're supposed to do the doo at lowest once a day to avoid accumulating fecal toxins within your bloodstream - autointoxication, which has been allied to everything from headaches, fatigue and irritability, propensity to colds etc through to intestinal obstructions and cancer (in subsequently life).
I suggest you see a gastroenterologist about this - and next time you haven't done a moral s.h.i.t for a week, take an enema.
It's middle-of-the-road. Everyone's body is different, and as long as you don't have any discomfort or other negative results from it, it's fine. I instinctively go three times a day which I know is like mad, but my doctor told me what I just told you. Everyone's body is different.
Personally I go at least once a light of day - often more than once.
You must look like a balloon by the time you move about!
I can relate. That is not good at all. You are storing up adjectives the toxins. Daily is what is normal. Get some Benefiber and put it in anything you drink or eat bran cereal
one poop per day is normal.(from the states)
I believe its either everyday or something close to 3 times a week
Once or twice a week may be normal for you. "Normal is in recent times a setting on a dryer". As long as you are not having issues you are fine.
You must be a light eater. Or have a sizeable capacity for feces.

EWWWWW, I just caught a see. (gags)

Most people defecate something like 8 times a week.

That said, if it's been like this your entire life span, then it's probably fine. Just because something's abnormal, doesn't necessarily imply it's unhealthy. So mention it to your doctor next time you see him, but it's probably nil to worry about. Source(s): Medicine student
poop...I love that word, every time I here it I screech..but no, get some fiber in your energy

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