Why does the smell of food cooking make me sick?

Why does the smell of food cooking makes me sick?

It's not my gallbladder. I had my gallbladder removed 10 years ago. It's not kidney stones-been checked for that.

I am contained by perfect health.

Yet, the concluding week the smell of food cooking-in the oven, deep fryer, microwave-makes me feel approaching I want to throw up. After the smell goes away and the air clears, I surface fine.

I AM NOT PREGANT. I CAN NOT GET PREGANT BECAUSE I HAVE A PENIS. So don't assume I'm pregant okay? Thanks
maybe its the horribly cooked food and whos cooking it
WHY do you put an s on the end of make when it DOESN'T BELONG THERE? Why does the smell of food cooking make me sick? NOT makes me sick? You COULD hold said; Why is it the smell of food makes me sick? and it would be correct, but NOT the way you enjoy it? Why is it you can't get that?
it depends on the food probably?
It may just be your sense of smell...

Our sense of smell is the strongest sense a human has. It can take out very distant memories or moments, whether they be happy or distressed or even make us sick.

Maybe a very long time contained by the past you had a food that smelled that mode and it made you sick when you ate it.

Maybe it is not a physical ailment but a psychological one? One thing that I am curious about is whether this symptom have been one that has only just began or perhaps one that have been an ongoing problem.

If it is an ongoing problem, that maybe you can't remember when it started, it may be a psychological issue, a problem beside association of the smell of that food.

This may seem far fetched but if a medical doctor is proving no minister to to you maybe it would be best to consult a different type of professional.
Who cooked the food??
LOL. Did you start taking a new medication lately? That would be one of the side effects of taking some type of medication. If so, ask your pharmacist or research as to what the side effects could be for the one you are taking. It can also be an infection somewhere within your body. Anyway, you can read on more about this:

Your stomach is too sensitive
i do not know
idk but i cant eat w/o puking and its crap

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