Why is my poop so big? Please be season.?

Why is my poop so big?? It dosent hurt to come out most of the time but my poop has always come out within clumps that are big and never any really rabbit balls haha. Everytime I poop it clogs the toilet up! What's up with that??
It simply means that you're healthy and ordinary. Nothing to worry about at adjectives.
you have clean pipes
which allows for larger stools
children hold large stools as well within comparison to their size

Dr. Oz would be proud for you
1)go poop surrounded by the woods'
2) you should CHEW ur food before swallowing
it must be your diet try changing what you eat if that doesn't do the trick try stool softeners or mild laxatives
uhhhh u want me 2 answer maturely but u appear pretty immature 2 me... its prob. because u ate alot and ur toilets small...gawd not tht hard 2 integer out... Source(s): me

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