Causes of flashing lights see beside eyes closed straight after wake up?

Causes of flashing lights seen with eyes closed straight after wake up?
What causes a person to see flashing lights next to their eyes closed?

I experienced this first in the dark, i woke contained by the middle of the night and whenever i closed my eyes it was almost as though someone be waving a torchlight back and forther across my eyes. I open my eyes about 3 times but it was pitch black surrounded by the room.

The second time i experinced this was when i took a nap during the sunshine, and the light was on contained by the bedroom this time. I woke up and again i felt like someone be passing a torch light across my eyes, but one and only when my eyes were closed!

I've read around, and it people are usually giving answers give or take a few the causes of flashing lights prior to sleeping, like staring at a computer blind too long. I cannot understand what causes this straight after wake... and i've experienced it both when sleeping in a pitch black room or a lit up room!

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