Nose Picking Side-effects?

Well I've heard that many ethnic group think that nose picking is gross and muzzle picking is bad, but some doctors actually reflect on it's a more better way to keep the insides of you feeler clean.

But if you do it once a day would it alter your proboscis or stretch it out, or even make your nose bigger after what it should be?

I tried searching for answers in google but some don't really utter much.

It is gross, but I don't think that it will stretch your nose out. It might present you nose bleeds if you pick too much.
Pick and eat is the just way to go
Go for it - pick away; its totally natural. The those who say they don't lie. Do think twice not to pick too much though.
I have observed nut nose pickers have larger nostrils (not noses) as they are constantly stretching them. What heaps people do not know is that the nose and ear lobes verbs to grow throughout life so the potential for you to misshapen your nose by putting your finger within it exists.

If you pick your nose you are cleaning a portion of your nose. Blowing your proboscis is much more effective in the long-term as this expels the mucus reflective inside the nose that eventually forms the hardened ____ that would require picking. If you need more give a hand, taking a kleenex and twisting it into a cylindrical shape and using it like a cork screw in your nostril is gentler and of late as effective as your finger. Source(s): life, reading, and a study of human behavior contained by an informal observatory basis
sticky fingers!
chief side-effect-dirty fingers. Yuck!!
i dont devise it would my kids do it all the time and their noses are one and the same size. the only harm would be if you travel to deep or if you scratch the iside you could bring a nose bleed
The skin and muscle around the nose is markedly tightly packed. To compare, try stretching out your nostril in comparison to stretching the skin around your stomach. The source for this is that, like the ear, the nose contains primarily cartilage, which is a "bendable" form of bone. It degrade much like normal tissue (which is why you don't see nose on skulls). The entire point of it is so the limb in interrogate, the nose, stays in a constant shape designed to aid it's use (i.e. picking up odurs). The just way to change the shape of the trunk is via surgery or through severe trauma, such as an accident. The worst problem you may have next to nose-picking is a weakening of the skin on the inside of your nose, which may effect more nosebleeds. Our noses naturally "grow" slightly over time, as to our ears, hand and feet. Compare the size of your hands beside that of someone in their late-70's on and you'll see the difference. So a nose will become larger through natural life naturally, but not from picking it.
Why don't you look at it as a scientific experiment and practice picking your nose at most minuscule once a day for a month or two. Then get hindmost with us on the results..k?
If you pick your nose too much, your head will grotto in. LOL!
Gross. You can get sick and attain an infection if you have dirty/germy fingers.

Don't pick, use Kleenex
One side effect is broken or chipped teeth from trying to get the little buggers out from beneath your nails. (Notice I said Your nails)
There was an episode on Marcus Welby once where on earth this old man had a feeler bleed and they asked him if he picked his nose: I loved his answer he said Just enough to hold on to it Respectable.
ummm..interesting question.. lol. I enjoy no idea... honestly. I don't think it would do anything to your feeler... maybe it depends on how big you fingers are? lol
WHAT! EVERYBODY picks their nose EVERYDAY. In private. Everybody's proboscis is the same as if they hadn't picked it.
It depends on if you are digging for gold or only trying to get a tasty treat... yay for verbs noses everywhere!
Being a veteran nose-picker, I can tell you that it will not stretch out your trunk. The worst that has ever happened to me be I was picking my nose and next I sneezed. That was pretty gruesome.
when i was a kid i be told that if i pick my nose that it will stretch out and i would have huge nostrils so it freaked me out initially but i still do it but next to a tissue after i shower to clean it out
Nose picking doesn't have any side-effects unless you put your finger through your nosetril and touch your brain. So better Watch out dude...

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