How to get hold of rid of smelly armpits?

deodorants are no help! =( even if it's cold. I sweat. and it's JUST UNDER MY ARMS. When it's hot omaaahgaah.!hahaha It's super embarrassing! And it smells.
I almost passed out one tme because it smelled so doomed to failure. LOL just keeding! hehe

I dont wanna like spray any perfume it'll only just make the smell worse.

I try wearing loose clothing. tank tops n stuff close to that. That doesn't really help either. ever since I hit puperty it's be like this. i would take a shower. scrub srub srub as easier said than done as i can. but the smell is just there. sometimes it go away. But I just hate when it does come about.

Nobody else in my familly sweats the way I do. and it's freshly my underarms.

any advice..sigh*
I was thinking of seeing a doctor something like it. But I dont know about that.

serious anwers please. Thanks!
I heard that botox works for this problem.Look into it.
There is solitary one way to resolve this problem. Take a bath twice a hours of daylight and use an anti perspirant roll on. Don't use sprays, even if it says "deodorant" or "anti perspirant". The roll on is the best option. Some nation sweats more than other and needs more precautions.
Doctor.. right away!! PLEASE...earlier you get any closer!
Shower more than once a year with antibacterial soap, then use Arm & Hammer deodorant (I similar to baby powder smell). Also, avoid dairy products as they contribute to this problem. If you still have an odor after doing the above, check next to your doctor. Perhaps your hormones are the reason. Best wishes. Source(s): Life
always net sure you shave if possible
use lemon juice to rinse your armpits it not just rids of the smell but neautralise the smell .
Apple cider vinegar can be used to combat under arm odor. Use tot powder to keep areas of heavy perspiration dry. Apply some baking soda on arm pit, it will engage sweat and kill bacteria. Soak yourself for 15 minutes within bath water beside couple of cups of tomato juice in it.
Certain dri..Promise you this stuff really works..You should give it a try...No more sweaty armpits.… You can buy it almost anywhere.
Why do you allow this to happen?
You may have a condition with over helpful sweat glands.. I don't recall the name of it but check it out near a doctor...he/she will know what the procedure is called to correct the problem...I think it's a minor surgery... check out…

or turn to google and type in. surgery to correct armpit odor.
then look around.

best of luck.."O" Wise One...say so
All that jump to a doctor stuff is ridiculous. My parents are both physicians and this is what they told me to do. (last couple of years, my hormones were changing - hit my 30's - and my pits be really bad sometimes). There are all kind of things out there to do. It is just that you own to try several before you find what works for you. This worked for me:
#1 Quit scrubbing your armpits to annihilation - that just irritates them.
#2 On a Saturday or Sunday (or day you don't hold to work) Dab apple cider vinegar under your arms. Let it dry. Repeat throughout the day. (with no deodorant on)
#3 That same morning, wash all towels, sheets and clothes within hot water with detergent soap. Never wear shirts twice or use towels twice!
#4 At the termination of the day, shower and wash (gently) beside Dial soap. Apply deodorant after shower. I like Secret original.

Do this roughly speaking 1x week. (or as needed). Also, there are a few natural pills you can lug. Body Mint is one I heard works well.
I was have problems till 1990, then I stopped drinking coffee and eating red meat (beef ). I solitary eat chicken and turkey meat and the odd fish. I did a assessment years ago and after two weeks of not washing my underarms I noticed that it did not smell. Since back my husband and I got together, he always have the problem, but now that he stopped eating beef his smell is markedly tolerable. Source(s): our own experince
soap and water
Many people use kill the germs and seems to work better for some than regular deodorants.
Some people have this problem and inevitability to see a doctor. My husband had this problem, and I bought him that arm & hammer deoderant, and started making him wipe up his armpits with baking soda, which is supposes to get rid of odors, right? Also, microbes can cause things to smell, so I buy him dial soap or any kind of antibacterial soap would prob. work. I would suggest seeing a doc if this doesn't work.
You can be in motion to the doctor and get a perscription. My son-in-law went for his really smelly foot and they gave him a perscription. It is a pill you take but I don't know the term of it. My daughter couldn't stand his feet anymore and insisted he go to the doctor. She said it really works. No more smell. I am sure it would work for armpits too. After adjectives it kills body odors.
Yes, Botox will work. Because it is used for medical and not cosmetic purpose, it should be covered by your health care.
If you don't want to travel the medical route which may involve expensive and invasive procedures, could solve this problem with a $6 product: Burt’s Bees Dusting Powder. You can buy it online or purchase it at stores that carry innate products.…

I discovered by accident, that this product eliminates odor and wetness beneath the arms.

This is how good it is: I sweat buckets, especially while in my caper classes. Before I went to class, I sprinkled the powder under my arms (it does disappear). I did not use any deodorant or antiperspirant. I go to class a bit nervous, as I was afraid that the powder wouldn’t be adequate and I would smell funky before the class was over. To my surprise, nearby was no odor.

This product even works on men. My husband uses it daily. Before, his deodorant would quit on him by twelve noon but now with the powder, he stays fresh adjectives day.

Trust me it works. You will be amazed at how well this stuff holds up. You don’t enjoy to worry about have a white cake under your arm because if you rub it in, it vanish. You will be pleasantly surprised when you try it.
go to Dr.
The doctor will impart you something
Go to your doctor they can probably prescribe medication to aid good luck
reach a deal to your doctor. it might be a medical condition bbut it might, like u said, just be puberty
your body might be producing to tons horomones you serioulsy need to see a doctor about this so you can be put on something to oblige you
After you go for a dip you could try dabbing your under arms near alcohol or vinegar.That should help or rinse underarms with a touch baking soda mixed in water. I hope this works and it cant hurt you. Source(s): I read it somewhere.
This might sound funny, but it is a TRUE remedy and goes back means of access before bible times. Apple cider vinegar and honey. Mix a shot of honey with a shot of apple cider vinegar a couple times a time and drink it. The first couple days are rough, then you get used to it. It isn't too desperate used as a salad dressing though. Anyway. The vinegar and honey helped to neutralize the ph in your body. Honey is a raw antibiotic. Sweating is your body's way of getting rid of toxins. The odor is caused by microbes which live in the moisture. Look it up on your favorite search engine! The stuff is amazing.
Deodorants of late cover up the smell. Use an anti-persperant. They will keep you dry and keep you from sweating as much.
Body oder is caused by microbes - wash and apply antibiotic, see if that helps
I would consult a dietary specialist possibly. It couldbe that your basic metabolism is have a hard time breaking down certain foods and cause the problem. Another possibilty would be the use of certain steroids to reduce body fat that may be building up due to chemical imbalances in your system. Do you devour much in the way of sugars?
you could use pitt spray
seriously seek a doctor. You prolly own a glandular disorder which makes you sweat and emit odors. my best friend have one he would shower dowse himself in deoderant and then sweat close to crazy anyway. There is an operation that can fix it, so talk to your doc.

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