Is it ok to put vaseline on your anus?

PLEASE take this seriously because im really embarrassed almost it but my anus has been within pain since last thursday and i dont know what cause it. or what to do about it. last wednesday or so i cleaned that nouns really well with soap & shaved around near so im wondering if soap got inside (ive gone #2 a few times since then though so it would own gotten out) but im wondering if maybe the soap dried out the rim of my anus and maybe it cracked? i stretch closely every day & have gone to yoga once or twice since next. but it stings randomly whether im moving or not & it woke me up because it was hurting contained by the middle of the night. i dont know what to do & im really embarrassed. im going to plan a doctor look in later but until then what can i do for the misery? can i use vaseline or a moisturizer on it? im going to take some ibuprofen.

thank you if you respond seriously.
i think vaseline should work just fine
Well I have this problem--if you're talking about the outside--and it be because I had a hemoroid problem and wasn't keeping the area clean--so spawn sure after you go to the bathroom to wipe good and afterwards wash it with cool water--no soap-- after respectively time -- but keep it dry--don't put vaseline on it--it needs nouns to heal--maybe put some baby powder with corn starch or gold ingots bond powder on it because sweat can irritate it also--you might find that it clears up and you won't need a trip to the docs. Good luck!
Maybe Tucks medicated pad?
ok firs stale sorry to hear that have you had children you didn't mention that does it hurt to wipe you could hold a tear in your anus you didnt mention if it bled? i would put some which hazel pad on it or put neosporin good luck hope it gets better Source(s): best friend took 6 years of medical college
Doctor visit would be best. Soap shouldn't exact that problem, maybe you nicked yourself when shaving and it is infected. Vaseline won't relief, but it won't hurt you either. You might try some neosporin instead, but going to the doctor would be the best thing to do.
It is probably the soap or an irritant of shaving. Soak surrounded by a bath for about 45 mins. Remember your skin is an organ, it will engage anything you put on it. I would not put anything with chemicals on it, especially moisterizer.
Vasaline is necessarily a lubricant, and since it is made from petroleum, it's not the best thing for that area. Try using a medicinal cream there such as, Carmex, a kind of fellow stick
type cream or other medications, good luck.
benadryl cream. I don`t know you had a reaction . other use a new razer every time you do your *** even change brands. lone do it when needed...
yea it should be okay
yes you can it will do no spoil. people use it as a personal lubricant so you will be fine
vaseline yes but be sure to see an experienced physician later tho:)
yes you can put vaseline on your anus. in i dont know. but ive done that past and no problems
It could be razor burn from when you shaved.
yeah u can put vaseline on there beside no problem, it sounds like u may have torn ur rectum or some tissue down nearby. go to the doc to be sure, to ease ur mind somewhat bit. but vaseline wont hurt u
Yes vaseline is perfectly past the worst. The soap could have dried it out like you said or a moment ago irritated it from either the shaving or soap. But if it continues go see your doctor.
yes it is ok to use vaseline within. it will soothe your skin if it is irritated or if you cut yourself with your razor.
Check on the vaseline box thing. It always tell you where your allowed and not allowed to put it.
its not harmful. u would use vaseline-- not moisterizer
It wont hurt to put vaseline, but take some pain reliever until you see the doctor.
yes its appropriate for babies, then its good for you!
Hmm...Vaseline isn't really good since it's made out of petroleum. You could try using case balm. That works pretty well and isn't very costly.
Its ok to use it here! My hubby and I use it for lube!
Use some preparation h for hemorrhoids. It has vaseline surrounded by it and something for pain
Don't stick Carmex on your butt, its moving ingredients are menthol, camphor, and phenol. Other ingredients include fragrance in petrolatum, lanolin, cocoa butter, bees wax, and salicylic acid. Petrolatum is alike stuff as Vaseline anyway.

Plus, if you're allergic to aspirin it will be a real big deal and besides, menthol and camphor for a cut butt? ouch.

Use the Vaseline, it's immaculately safe, they wipe it all over babies butts, wipe it all over my boys butt for two years, he never once had diaper over-hasty. He was almost totally waterproof by his third birthday :)

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