Farting blood - what could it be?

So twice within the past 4 hours I've feel like I had diarrhea, but when I go to the bathroom there was no poo. Instead, I farted once, get some blood in the toilet and then some desk light colored blood on the toilet paper. I went biking nearer in the day, could this be from that? I also have a stomach ache after that, and then to reiterate, when I go to the bathroom, I never pooed, just farted blood. What could this possibly be from?
Maybe you have a cut or I reason it is probably a hemmorage,
hope for the best
If the blood is bright red and "FRESH' then u probably enjoy a haemorrhoid if is really dark then it could be another problem.
haemorrhoid's are cause by "straining to toilet or exertion .
either way check it out at the dr's
i'd say check for hemorrhoids dude
You should get checked out by a doctor.
Yet another malady could be ulcerative colitis, which makes populace poop blood.
congratulations! you made me gag and laugh at matching time. Sorry I have no advice, shift to a doctor.
Go see a gastroenterologist
sounds like you get a case of the red (a)ss my brother...PREPARATION H
The title made me laugh for a sec previously i actually read the rest.

See a doctor
Could be a colon polyp.
Get it checked asap. these can lead to colon cancer. Source(s): http://www.medicinenet.com/colon_polyps/article.htm
sounds to me you have a bad bag of hemroids. Get to the doctor. Grant M in Pennsylvania
I would capture on web MD or see a doctor. Sometimes it can be tear on the skin around your sphincter, or it could be a bleeding spot. It is generally not good when blood comes out of any quantity of your body.
make sure you go to sleep wearing underwear after go see a doctor
You may have a haemorrhoid to be precise bleeding. Go to a doctor and get it checked out.
hmm not sure move about see your doctor

PS answer my questions PLEASE
It could also be an anal fissure. This is a little opening in your anus from having a really strong poo. When it brakes open it bleeds. It can also feel approaching you are pooping razor blades.

Have fun

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