Why do i seize dizzy when i smoke a cigarette?

OK, I read the first four answers and you aren't getting the valid answer. The dizziness is that rush of nicotine and the release of pleasure hormones. That's the true of it. You will not continue to get dizzy as you procure more accustomed to smoking, that is as your body gets used to it, but the pleasure hormones will verbs and you will feel satisfaction and relaxation.

This btw is not promoting smoking, as I get the impression it is an individual's choice to do what they want to, but simply giving this person the information she asked for, which a judgmental attitude. After all, freedom of choice applies here.
I looked it up and here's what I found:

"The nicotine in cigarette smoke can disturb the functioning of the portion of the inner ear that is responsible for balance. This is especially possible to happen in populace who are not accustomed to nicotine. Many people feel dizzy the first few times they smoke cigarettes; this is due to smoking's effect on the inner ear."
the rush and the buzz of smoking tobaco...that's why people do it.
..because our lungs are intended for inhaling and exchanging oxygen for CO2 (which is what we exhale).

If you inhale smoke, instead of oxygen, the exchange of gases does not occur - which vehicle your brain receives no oxygen from your blood (because you inahled mostly smoke and not the usual amount of oxygen) and your body becomes acidotic from not person able to expire the CO2.

Essentially, you are suffocating yourself - hence the dizziness.
I'm sure you are tired of the stupid answers above. Why do people think that you can't read the off-putting on a pack of cigarettes but you can read what they type? Doesn't make much sense, does it?

Anyway, the reason you gain dizzy is that you haven't built up a tolerance to the nicotine yet. To do this, smoke until you get dizzy, after stop and wait for it to wear off. Then do it again and again, smoking a moment or two more each time. Soon you will be able to smoke a unharmed cigarette without getting dizzy. It should only embezzle 4 or 5 cigarettes and 2 or 3 hours.
Good luck! And welcome to smoking!
because it's patently bad for your body. stop smoking
thats a sign you need to stop
do you own acid reflux/acidity ?
rather honestly the same happened to me so what i would do is conceivably go to the doctors and have some blood checked because it mite be sumthin close to diabetes that could cause that.

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