When you die within your sleep are your eyes start or closed?

after the death occurs

Your eyes will be in impossible to tell apart position they were the last moment you be alive.

If you, like most people, sleep beside your eyes closed (or 90% closed) then thats how they will stay. Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rigamortis
Usually they are closed but some folks at the moment they die, open their eyes. My father went beside his closed but my mother opened hers. There are several theorized explanations as to why the eyes do unambiguous. Scientifically, some people feel it is a reflexive response at exactly that time. Some religious experts believe the eyes pop initiate at that time because of pure amazement in meeting/seeing Heaven and their Lord. Source(s): Personal experience and questions that I once asked to a clergyman and a scientist.
closed unless its an attack that startles you approaching a heart attack or physical attack but then i guess you would be awake for that split second so . ya, closed.
I have never died in my sleep.

The departed will still have his eyes closed if he actually died within his sleep. If he had a heart attack or some other event that would be painful or disturbing ample to wake him, his eyes could be open. Source(s): Considerable experience beside death.
if departure occurs while you sleep your eyes would be closed because your muscles do not move after death occur because they don't have any supply of blood cells as clinical disappearance occurs when the heart stops, unless you have eye twitching and a muscle spasm happen to happen just since or just after death your eyes may be sympathetic.
Well, if your eyelids were already closed, later they will remain that way. Death relaxes every muscle in the body, so the eyes would not instigate. However, open eyes may or may not close upon death.
i dont know im dead aint i.
I usually sleep with my eyes closed.

I can't detail you my honest opinion because the Yahoo Police are watching me,
so they are whatever you want them to be
Well you sleep beside your eyes closed so if you died in your sleep I think they'd be closed...
I'd enjoy thought closed, unless you sleep with your eyes open...

(Which some race CAN do)
Depends if you sleep with your eyes open or closed.
closed, because ur sleeping and you won't enlarge your eyes when ur sleeping unless u opened ur eyes and got kill

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