Why do i pee when i throw up?

after i good night of drinking i know im gonna be throwing up the subsequent morning. and this usual continues for about 3 hours till im just heaving and nought comes out. but when i am puking i know its a little tmi but i pee myself while im puking. and i cant control it. i was of late wondering if there was something wrong near me or if this is something that just happens. my puking cant be much abet it sounds like im dying when i do. im a loud puker and its feels so forceful...and im NOT PREGNANT
probably from being so forceful when youre throwing up, it just happen.
Looks like your pee pucker string is hooked up to your puke engagement responder. This is called dual lockup syndrome, which is cause by a bilateral nerve connector which allows for electrical responses for one thing to short out to another piece, and visa versa. It's kinda like when you want to pee when your turn on a faucet, or you want to pee when you're around an outdoor campfire. As odd as it sounds, it's adjectives, so don't worry about it, newly try to quit puking for a while and the shorting- out nerve interconnection will develope a natural insulation to do away with your problem.
Well since these other two associates didnt really give any thoughts on this I figured I might try. I construe its just because when you puke and its violent, that force on you stomach, throat, etc. make you lose control of things like your bladder. I would compare it to when people do yoga and it make them pass gas or when you laugh so not easy you almost pee yourself. It's like all your force is put into doing one item so you cant so easily control other things! Im not a doctor nor is this a professional opinion but this is my judgment.
Maybe you just have a fragile bladder, and the force and jolting of throwing up just forces it out. I had a friend would would pee herself if she laugh, sneezed or coughed too hard :]
you have a delicate bladder probably or go to the doctor
I know how you feel. I asked my doctor once and she told me its merely simply due to how forcefully you vomit. I dont think there is anything wrong near you.
Go see a doctor. Hopefully nothing is wrong but just to be on the secure side.
weak bladder...
When you throw up to push out your sick, sometimes if you have a full bladder you can push its threshold letting off your reflex contained by your bladder to willingly but unkowningly let yourself urinate.
dont verbs about it
forces the pee from out of the bladder normal
Urinating after you have been excessively vomiting is disappointingly pretty common. It can even happen if you are trying to blow up deeply of balloons. It also can happen after you own been laughing a lot. Do not know if it is a short time ago one part of your body relaxing while the another part is involved. Best mode to control the problem is to drink more moderately. Excessive vomiting can seriously damage your throat and cause stomach ulcer.

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