Dizziness cause by smoking?

Lately whenever I smoke I get dizzy. Like, really dizzy. It's never happened up to that time now. Basically it I start smoking then I start hunch light headed, grasp really pale and I have to obtain a drink, anything with caffine, before I get the impression better. I know smoking is bad yadda yadda yadda, but I enjoy iy, I of late want to know: Why am I getting dizzy lately.
I cant tell you why you receive dizzy but i can tell you it is normal, it happen to me when I smoke after I go long periods near out smoking. I wouldn't worry to much about it, unless it get intolerable, but all a DR will tell you is to quit...
Yeah, smoking is bad. But I'm an ex-smoker so I understand both sides of the equation here. Just never forget that respectively time you do it you are hurting yourself, and you might never become 100% healed even if you decide to quit.

Anyway, I know you didn't want to be preached at so to really address your cross-examine: Nicotine effects aside, there are two things that happen that come to mind, when you smoke. One is that because you aren't inhaling regular nouns like your body expects, you are getting less oxygen surrounded by that breath. The dizziness could be caused by momentary anoxia (lack of oxygen) to the brain. Also.. while you are in the conduct yourself of smoking, the amount of oxygen carried in your bloodstream is also reduced -- which again goes to smaller quantity oxygen in your body. If you hold your breath for a long time you get dizzy as all right, this is the same basic effect.
way back within the day I also would have the side effect of of dizziness when smoking and I quit it when my throat started closing up on me. These are reaction to be becareful with any drug
I know, I smoke and enjoy it as resourcefully. But, it is obviously having a detrimental effect on your form if you are getting dizzy. Cigarettes are loaded with tons of toxic crap. Probably why you are getting dizzy. You could TRY switching brands or if you are smoking full strength switch to lights (if you smoke lights switch to ultra lights) OR you could (and probably SHOULD) try quitting. I know it will be hard since it's not something you want to do and it's in actual fact something you enjoy, but I'm going to try quitting myself here pretty soon in plans of getting pregnant. So, I do get the drift. There are help options available: the gum, the patch, the medication Chantix (prescription only)...look into those! It's better to quit very soon and decrease your risk of all the diseases that come near smoking. COPD (terrible to watch people struggling to breathe), Lung Cancer, heart disease, bladder cancer, throat & esophageal cancer, etc. I am not hear to preach, because I aversion those holier-than-thou-never-smoked-a-day-in-m… preachers, or even worse the holier-than-thou-reformed-smokers preachers! But, I do see people everyday with these sickening diseases caused by smoking in my queue of work. Good luck!

http://www.chantix.com/content/Chantix_B… Source(s): R.N.
dizziness is coused by nicotine rush
If you know smoking is bad for you...afterwards STOP.

Do you not understand english or do you have an IQ of a brick wall?

See you surrounded by the back of my ambulance, with a Firefighter compressing your chest, me putting a tube down your throat, my partner starting 2 IVs and hooking you up to a defibrillator, and another Firefighter getting ACLS drugs in place.

Have a nice day. Source(s): Paramedic

No, stop smoking, that probably is a sign that your body can't take it anymore, or just doesn't want it, you have need of to stop. Try chewing gum instead of smoking or something else. You are hurting the world, your community, and mostly friends and family.

-stain fingers Dx
-yellow gross teeth D;
-baggy eyes 0_o
-pimples wrinkles... -_-
-cancer, stop before its too overdue

STOP! there are other things you can resort to besides smoking.
Its normal it might plan you smoked on an empty stomache or your just investigational to smoking 4-6 months is still being new to tobaco and these are the symptoms that you are passion. Dizzyness nothing serious just little yuck to the stomache. My friends draw from it too still and their in their 30's.
sounds approaching either blood pressure or blood sugar levels going wrong, dont smoke!
Does it evolve when you stand for like the first 30 seconds...you may enjoy a blood sugar problem or blood pressure... you should go to the doctor to check that..... I AM NOT HERE TO PREACH... just travel check to make sure other things are ok. not telling you to stop smoking even though you should .

Please agree to me know if this works for you. Thanks and be blessed.
Your lungs are now so full of doesn`t matter what is in cigarettes that your lungs have become sticky and black, cancer have also probably already started to form in your lungs, the light headedness is because your body isn't getting adequate oxygen, because your lungs are so bad.
Smoking is Injurious to Health
If you cant leave in need smoking, than better prepare well for many change on your health in adjectives...
Either you are smoking stronger cigarettes or you are inhaling deeper or holding longer. You are probably just smoking a few cigarettes a day right presently, and the solution is to smoke more for a day or two. Smoke until you get dizzy, next stop and wait just a jiffy, until you feel better. Drink CocaCola to help you get hold of over it, then smoke some more. After 5 or 6 cigarettes in a 2 or 3 hour time of year you will be able to smoke a whole cigarette in need getting dizzy.
Its because your having a nicotine rush. So tolerate me get this straight you enjoy inhaling disgusting smoke only just to get insanley light head and pale and feeling close to ****? Wow, what a life. Have fun dieing!
It could be a myriad of reason. When you smoke, it effects the oxygenation of your red blood cells, which can then organize to making you dizzy. It could also be because of your weight, if you are especially skinny. If you have an not in use stomach, it can effect you, and that might be why you feel the need to drink something, so that it will spread up your stomach. Also, people who have not all the same built up a tolerance will feel side effects that others do not, because their body is still learning to customize to the foreign substance that you are putting in your body. It should wear off soon, if you smoke for awhile or if you opt to smoke more a day, your tolerance for it might go up, and so ridding of the dizziness. Hope that helps!!
You maybe hold a low blood pressure. Or you may need to ask the Physician about it
It is because smoking causes you to not get plenty oxygen into your lungs. Please stop smoking, for your health and those around you. I smoked for 6 years and one day of late quit cold turkey. I've never felt or looked better!

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