Lately I haven't been able to rouse up in the morning. I go to bed around midnight & I set my alarm for 7 or 8 am. I dont hear my alarms move about off (I have one alarm clock and three alarms on my cell that progress off) Even my sister tries waking me up...I dont ever remember it! I'm sick of oversleeping! What could it be?
You have need of to go to bed earlier.
Because your going to bed at midnight and waking up only 7 hours then, you are still in your deep sleep cycle and also your purely too tired to wake up. It happens to me sometimes. Try going to bed faster and making your alarms louder. Also make your sister push you out of bed instead of wake you up. Also within the morning get a shower thats not too cold but not too warm. It will rouse you up.
When setting ur alarm. What i do is i hook my ipod up to the radio and turn it up really loud before i move about to bed. Then i wake up within 15sec of when it started going past its sell-by date because its so loud.
First of all, try to go to bed ahead of time.

Now, about your alarms: do you know if your alarms ring and you simply don't hear them OR if you turn them off "unconsciously" and subsequent you don't remember doing that?

Well, if it's the second case, I advise you to put your alarm clock ou cell phone a few meters from your bed, so contained by the morning you have to wake up to shut them bad. Source(s): i had that problem too.
many people enjoy this problem. What I sometimes do is drink a lot of water earlier I go to bed, that way my body wake me up :-) (or at least it will listen to the alarms)

If you're curious as to what causes this, it's that when your eyes hear things, they transport the signal not directly to your brain, but first pas through something that many put within simple terms as "reflexes." I forget what it's call scientifically, but what it does is decide whether to react up to that time telling your brain, or in special cases, not explain to your brain at all.

I have seven brothers and sisters, thus my brain is so sick of audible range my name called and me describing it to try and ignore it that certain dialects from correct people can't be "heard", even in broad consciousness, unless I focus.

My friends procure very annoyed when they say my signature and i "can't hear them" :-)
If you are getting 7-8 hrs of sleep you are probably merely a deep sleeper. Get an alarm clock that has a loud buzzer as capably as a bed vibrator--it's this little thing you stick under your pillow that vibrate when the alarm goes off so if you don't "hear" it you will clearly feel it. They are common for family who are hard of hearing but also work remarkably well for deep sleepers. The "sonic boom" brand is important (you can see them at www.harriscomm.com).

If you are concerned, ask your doctor to order a sleep study for you to see if you are getting enough gaping sleep to be rested in the a.m.. If you have sleep apnea or another sleep disorder nearby may be treatments available. Good luck!
I have like peas in a pod problem. Some things that have helped me contained by the past, is putting my cell phone on the other side of the room so I have to win up to push snooze. I've also set my alarm on my cell phone to a ring tone a normally use because it makes me have a sneaking suspicion that someone is calling me and for some reason this always wake me up.

Hope this helps a little. Source(s): personal experience
I had duplicate problem. I would have 3 alarms, would turn them all rotten, and go back to sleep. Sometimes minus even remembering it. once my alarm clock was found on the floor, turned off, and I dont remember doing that. I get a louder alarm clock, and try to go to bed early. That worked for me. The more tired I be in the morning the less conscious I be when it came time to wake up.
Try a different sounding alarm. When are brains become used to something, it becomes easier to discount or shut out.
Are you taking any sleep aids (Tylenol PM or Ambien or something) ? If so, maybe you should do short for a while. If not, maybe you are not sleeping soundly and your body is still fatigued at 7 or 8am. Are you under hot stress? I had this problem in college during exam time. I in actual fact missed an exam from oversleeping. Also, look at your diet. If you are consuming a lot of caffeine or sugars during the day, you may be crashing once you move about to sleep. I don't know. Good luck and I hope this gets better for you.
go to sleep in advance and set ur phone on vibrate and put it in ur pocket. :)
lol im the same way i set mine for 10 after 7 am and when i if truth be told wake up its 10 to 8 i just shape to the noise and it doesnt bother me much untilmy mom comes in and turns the table lamp on anywayz go to sleep at 11:00 or 10:45
Try going to bed earlier or taking a nap during the daytime.
Its really hard for me to wake up too. You give the impression of being to be getting enough sleep, but you could try to fall asleep around 10 and see if that help. If that doesn't work, then you should probably see a doctor.
Try to drink greatly of water before going to bed. if that doesn't work, you may try to obtain more sleep; some people need more than others. If adjectives else fails, visit next to your doctor.
Try an alarm with lights and smells. This might wake you up. I own the same trouble so I set my alarm on the radio and have the volume up adjectives the way so I think in attendance is someone yelling at me and that works.
do you have alarms that shift off all daytime long at work? i used to work fast food, and my manager said that if he let the alarms at work go without turning them stale that he starts to sleep right through his alarm clock ( he would get used to hearing an alarm and ignore it).
Same here - I just own to put it on really loud and i often sleep on the floor or dont pee the night earlier if I have somewhere important to run lol ( it makes it easier to get up) x
I try to put the alarm farther .. you probably woke up and simply turn it, and didn't realize it.. by putting if farther, makes you hold to get up and search for it.

if still doesn't work, you can try these brand of product for ur alarm clock
Try to sleep a little earlier resembling at 10/11 pm. I usually oversleep even though I set my alarm so I always slept a little rash just to wake up within time.
You may try an alarm for the audible range impaired. You put something under your pillow at hours of darkness and it vibrates when your alarm is set.
Also you may just involve more sleep.
Some of the time I have heard culture do not wake because they are in REM sleep and the alarm become part of thier dream.
See a doctor if this goes on for much longer. Source(s): I am behind the times a wise ;-)
i dont have the right answer but set off heaps alrams instead of just one about 1 min apart that should get up you up

i have the same problem !!
You are just a heavy sleeper. You involve to try to get to bed early. That might serve. And if it doesn't then just try diffrent methods of wake up till something works!
Maybe your body is telling you that you are not getting enough sleep. Try going to bed previously.
Put the alarm clock closer to your bed?

And look into this: http://www.engadget.com/2007/07/11/alarm…
Maybe it's because you're sleeping when the alarms goes off.
Stop smoking weed and drinking late that could be why...
Maybe you inevitability to sleep more, goto bed earlier.
Drink lots of wet before bed and think more or less the time you want to get up while you are falling asleep. i can wake up minus a clock.
Really lashing sleeper. try having your sister be more aggressive in wake you up.
LOL your situtation sounds like me :P, usually though it happens to me cuz i set the alarm volume too low. interview the alarm volume & when you're SURE its loud enough to wake you up, consequently turn the alarm on. you should also try going to sleep earlier, maybe 10 or even 11, that approach you won't really wanna sleep in the morning.

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