Is a 109/59 a good blood blood pressure?

I run at least 3 or more times a week and lift weights as ably.... I recently took my blood pressure and got 109/59 as my result, is this perfect or should I be worried?
A BP of 109/59 is much better than 120/80 which is deemed to be normal and suitable.

Some super fit athletes have a BP of 90/60.
To the best of my knowledge, here are the middle-of-the-road readings:
120/80 - For average adult mannish
110/70 - For athletic male and average adult feminine
100/60 - For athletic female

According to your description of yourself, you can be considered an athletic female.
So 109/59 is a pretty average reading for you.
it is a very good blood some it may appear a bit low, but its definately not too low, especially since you run 3+ times a week......runners tend to have lower blood pressure and pulse.....don.t worry

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