Why is my toenail coming bad?

Okay, last night when I be taking a bath I looked down and I saw something on my big toe. I tried to rub it off, and the I looked closer and realize that it was actually my staple lifting off of the nail bed! What is cause this? It was not like this the light of day before , I am positive of this! And it does not hurt at all and I havent injured it.

Any back?
you may enjoy a nail fungus and need to catch med. !
Damn,I hate it when that happens!!

Usually that method you may have bumped it or something.
Runners get this when they hold shoes that are too tight.
Ohhhhh ... groooosssss!!
Yuck..maybe you enjoy some sort of fungus you are not aware of.
You could have an infection beneath your nail. Does it look funny?
If it is the only pin that is coming off, likelihood are you actually DID bump it on something. It doesn't always come stale immediately- just gets somewhat detached and then after a few days decides to merely ditch the toe so it can grow a new one. :-P

The new one may look rather bumpy at first...
did it hit something.
It's not "coming off" thats a very denial pharse, it's actually just not coming on, so to speak

I know im an ***
you could have hit it a while ago and not recall, you could also be growing a fungs, do you paint your toe nails often, it's a flawless idea to let them progress without nail polish for a few days out of the month. Have it checked out by your doctor.
i used to play volleyball and it used to do this plentifully.
my coaches told me i was wearing small shoes.
maybe that's what's wrong.
try getting a moment or two bit bigger shoes.
hope i helped and good luck! :]
because it couldn't take that funky smell anymore!
The loss of a toenail, also called onychoptosis (which literally means "falling nail" within Greek), can be largely blamed on two major culprits — fungus and injury.

Fungus Several different types of microscopic fungi can cause onychoptosis by feed on keratin, the tough protein that makes up toenails. Onychoptosis caused by fungus isn't that bloody a problem — 3 to 5 percent of Americans are affected, as are up to 18 percent of people worldwide.

Toenail fungus can rationale toenails to do the following:

turn yellow, brown, or white.
become thick and overgrown.
crumble and fall down off.
Nails that fall stale because of fungal infection will grow back, but the new pin will probably become infected, similar to the old one. Since the condition rarely go away on its own, it's smart to talk with a form care provider about an accurate diagnosis and later possible treatments. After examining your foot, the provider may remove a large amount of the infected nail (if there's any of it left). Depending on the extent of the infection, s/he may also offer you a prescription anti-fungal toenail polish, such as Loceryl or Loprox, or oral anti-fungals, such as Sporanox and Lamisil. If a toenail resists treatment, it can also be removed surgically.

The fungi that cause onychoptosis thrive in dim, moist environments, so wearing tight shoes, socks, and stockings, as well as thick staple polish, can increase your risk of developing the condition. The fungi are also easily transferred from foot to foot and from person to personage, hence why locker rooms are notorious for transmitting such things as toenail fungus and athlete's foot. An inexpensive pair of sandals or shower shoes can backing you avoid picking anything up the next time you hit the showers.
You might hold a fungus! Have you noticed any yellowing under the staple bed. If so, you can buy Lamisil cream at any drug store, and shove some under your nails every afternoon. My husband did this, and it went away, otherwise you have to whip expensive medication, that insurances usually don't cover!
You I don`t know did hurt without knowing or it could be the shoes that you wear. Dont worry its winter so you dont own to show your toes and its going 2 grow back.
No Pain, and no warning. Only thing I can believe of is a bacteria of some kind...see a physician. That's my proposal.
You rubbed too hard!

Actually that little piggy be going to market and tripped along the way.
maybe you were wearing tight shoes, one time i did, and my pin fell off, it didnt hurt or anything, i just cogitate the shoe just put too much pressure on it
herpes maybe
u are sick dont ask that

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