How do i prevent myself from sleeping during lectures?

i dont want to sleep during my class. but i cant help it....tell me any perception so that i can remain active during class...any therapy...i even slap an pinch myself to maintain me from sleeping
I put bluetack on my forhead and push drawing pins into it. Then when i fall asleep i get stabbed surrounded by the head and wake up straight away. The solely problem was that i would screem when it happened so immediately i put masking tape over my mouth to stop this. Also try the usual answers such as dispassionate drug use or caffine.
Sit on the front row. Imagine the TA or professor giving you a wet willie (saliva dampened finger inserted into ear canal) if you zone out or drop sour. Source(s): Works for me.
try to be in motion to NOT BORING lectures..seems logical
Is it possible to take a dictaphone into the lecture
at lowest possible if you fall asleep you will then hold a recording of what was said. I'm sorry I dont own a solution for your sleeping. I also sleep, during maths mainly when my head struggles too long near a problem.
Why are you sleepy at lectures? Solve this and you can stay awake.
You nouns EXACTLY like me. Try chewing gum, or taking a nap back going to class or just going to bed earlier than usual or doodle.
Bring a giant cup of crushed ice to class, suck on the ice...I promise you wont sleep. Really listen to the sermon,, no matter how boring, and get into it. Find something you really similar to about it. OR chew on sunflower seeds...

Good luck!
get yourself interested contained by the topic being discussed. You might think it's geeky or nerdy, but it really works. Hope you solve your problems soon! God BLess!
It's firm. Try going to bed earlier (yeah right) or taking hour-long naps within the day. You need at tiniest 6 hours a night so try to get it otherwise you won't know how to keep up with the work.
In class i try to do something interesting like drawing or playing games contained by my head most of the time it helps me stay up.
Improve your diet and exercise more if you don't have the energy to stay awake for an hour on close. If that doesn't work, see a doctor to find out what's wrong with you.
When you find out, please relay me because I fall asleep at my computer at work often and it is a terminable offense!
Trust me, I've been there in the region of a billion times. No amount of pinching/punching yourself in the leg is going to keep your from falling asleep (at lowest for me, it's never worked, I've even dozed off at work meetings approaching that, lol). The only thing you can do is try to bearing around but that's hard when you're supposed to be sitting in urge.

Coffee may help you a little. I'm not sure how you act in response to it.

The best remedy is to get an appropriate amount of sleep. Which, yes, is annoying, b/c I like to push my physical borders as well to do as much as I can that is fun and interesting, so I don't even follow my counsel. You need discipline. If you care plenty, you will make sure you get to bed prompt.

Likely, it sounds like the lecture's a snoozer...Topic is booooring? Professor is awful? If you're falling asleep in adjectives your classes like this, you might want to reconsider your most important, weather it out, or just stop going to that class if it's going to be that unproductive anyhow. It's very, extremely easy to fall asleep if your mind is not affianced at all.

My friend and I stopped going to our math and physics classes one semester b/c the lectures could not be understood (the math guy sounded similar to kermit and was almost unintelligible, while the physics guy be just dry and confusing). We did OK (A- math, B-something in physics), it's one of those things you can catch away with in undergrad sometimes.
Walk and reading at impossible to tell apart this around you room
..and take rest that night past you come to class
This happen to me all the time. i tapp my foot or try to talk to someone or you could look at the don and imagine them doing something outrageous

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