Wet dreams?

Lately I've been having raining dreams. In my dreams I'm usually near a river or flushing the toilet and next item I know I'm waking up in my urine! It smells really desperate to. It's exremely embarassing when I have someone in the bed near me. I try not to drink anything 2 or 3 hours before I go to sleep but it doesn't comfort. I've been wetting the bed for in the region of 2 weeks. WHAT DO I DO?!?!
That happen sometimes but not that much... Try to wake up from your dreams before you urinate. I do that and I involve to go to the bathroom but I go in recent times in time.
When the bladder wall become too full, it sends a signal to the brain that emptying must take place. When noctural night wetting occur, the individual is too deep of a sleep cycle for the bladder to signal the person to stir and empty..so the bladder empties. Dreaming is usually not insightful enough of a sleep cycle to allow this to happen, so the dreaming portion is not the problem.. Waking up is the problem.
I recommend a sleep study. They are offered everywhere, in every city. The study will provide insight as to your sleep patterns, how it is so adjectives that it doesn't wake you up.
That infromation that will help your doctor to develop an intervention to diminish or remove this condition Source(s): DSM-4
that is to say not a wet dream

just jump to a doctor
Pee right b4 bed! always!
Those aren't wet dreams... that's wetting the bed.

Wet dreams close with ejaculate.
try 2 mke up ur own dreams:)
easy, I have the same problem when I was 7, walk to the bathroom be4 bed
How old are you Jill? I would recommend going to see the Drs. They can furnish you tablets which stop you from needing to pee so much, and check you for an infection (in case thats why it smells). Hope it get better soon
I had the same problem near some kids in the group home I used to work at.

First off, try not to drink river past 6PM
Secondly, set your alarm to wake up around the time the incidents are occurring. Go to the bathroom and go back to sleep.
Do that for several night, then start adding 15 or 30 minutes then to your waking time, so you "learn" to hold your bladder.

If you work up to, say an hour next, after a several nights, but then hold another accident, go vertebrae for a few more nights to the 15 or 30 minutes shorter time. Otherwise, just hold adding time after several days until you get adjectives the way to sleeping the whole darkness.

If not there are sensors that you attach to your bed and and alarm will go past its sell-by date and wake you. Talk to your doc, it might be a bladder infection, easily cleared up beside antibiotics.

I hope this helps!
Usually "drizzly dream" referrs to something else. LOL
Technically, what you are experiencing is not what is referred to as a "wet dream" - or a nocturnal heat, which is a sleeping, erotic/sexual climax to a, er, um...stimulating dream.

For whatever reason, you're plain antediluvian wetting your bed. I'm assuming if you're old adequate to have "company" that this would be VERY stressful!

I'd call your doctor. If you're an fully developed, something is amiss. You shouldn't have to suffer with this. Good luck to you.
are you really exhausted or on any medication or drinking heavily? a lot of things can make you sleep so heavily that you wont rouse up to the need to urinate
lol wear a diaper
lol i wet dream isn't urine. it's ejaculating semen. you can inform the difference because semen is sticky and comes in smaller amounts. so if you're wetting the bed (urine) i'm not sure how to serve you dude. if it's semen (you're ejaculating in your sleep) after you can solve the problem by masturbating 2 - 3x a week (once you start you'll probably find yourself doing more than that). if you're religious, it's still okay to masturbate, just don't do porn w/ it. if the thought of masturbating makes you discomfited, think about the situation. do you really want this to verbs forever? sorry dude but yeah wet dreams are lifelong (maybe it'll stop when you're really old) unless you masturbate. your only other way out is to get a vasectomy (stops your baby making ability), but i don't surmise you want that.

*edit: oops didn't see you were a girl. my bad. yeah it's not a damp dream them. it's just wetting the bed. approaching i said i don't know how to help you. sorry
stir to the doctor
You voice it started 2 weeks ago? Then something must have changed to be causing that approaching more stress or medication. If you cant think of a trigger see a doctor and in the expect time, do not drink anything or eat watery things (like soup) contained by the afternoon. If there is no liquid contained by your system theres nothing to wet the bed
well i am a therapist
and i bring back this all the time
don't worry Ur not alone
umm what you involve to do is maybe wear a good hours of darkness diaper
this works for lots of people and before you shift to be don't watch TV because this often make you have wet dreams
Maybe you have a bladder infection. See a dr and clear it up with some medication.
tena lady,,,?
ooh that happened to me shift to the doctor nd they give u pills they really work.btw it was when i be like 9 = D
thats not a wet dream, you probably have need of to see a doctor.
If it smells really bad, that could be an infection, and infections cause you to budge to the bathroom URGENTLY. Are you peeing frequently during the day? Is there any burning? When you pee, is the flow sporadic? The dreams could be your body trying to get up you up, or they could be because you're sitting in a pool of water. You stipulation to see a doctor, and either treat the infection if that's what you have, or receive a prescription specifically designed to be processed by your kidneys and concentrate in your bladder, and increase the muscular tone so that you only pee voluntarily surrounded by the morning.

other than that, perhaps set an alarm partially way though the night to rouse up and pee?

good luck!

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