Every time I cough I pee my pant. . .?

Is that normal?? My bladder has be really weak lately, and I'm 27! What's the deal?
it is not normal
Everytime I hoot I pee in my pants lol, I would see a doctor, You might own a bladder infection or something, I don't know much but I would see a doctor.
hahahahahahahaha oh that made my day and my afternoon sucked
honey, see a doctor
That happens to me too.

I have the flu and I've be coughing my guts out. Whenever I cough, I can't help but to pee a little within my pants.
Also, when I laugh I pee up. lol
It's due to the force of the cough; nought to worry about.
Umm... I'd project to say that's not normal. Kegal exercises might relieve, but if that doesn't work I would suggest talking to your doctor.
i do that too. only for a moment though. um i dont know i just try to not to cough till i can get sitituated.
You could have a UTI. Try D-Mannose powder, you can find it at a natural food store. It will steal care of it.

If it isn't a UTI for some reason your pelvic floor muscles are shaky. Try Kegel exercises.
Chronic coughing can weaken your pelvic floor muscles.

I hope that this helps!
this is not unusual if you have had a child. kegels can relieve if the bladder hasn't fallen. your gyn can tell you. Source(s): http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/womenshealth/…
It's not unusual, especially if you've had children or are pregnant, or own recently been unwell. If it's just a little pee, afterwards doing Kegels should probably help. But if you're totally peeing your pants when you cough, you should really see a doctor - you might enjoy a urinary tract infection (UTI).
it could be because ur getting ur period. i dont have impossible to tell apart problem like u when i cough i just grain like i have to squeeze to not pee .. if it is that afterwards i guess it maybe normal ha..but for check w ur doctor
I own to cross my legs :( Not very masculine contained by public :(
quit coughing
U should try kegal exercises, or you could be pregnant and not know it...but talk to your doctor, they make pills to give support to with bladder control
Probably a fall bladder. Happens during child birth. I can be repaired quite easily. Welcome to the concrete world. Wait a few more years then you can laugh, pee and fart at impossible to tell apart time. We seniors call that multi tasking.
No it is not common. See your doc and get some pelvic exercises.
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