What is the correct bearing to wipe after peeing?

Well, I know this sounds stupid, but I don't really know how to wipe properly now, ever since I got OCD.

I'm panicky of wiping because I'm scared of touching pee accidentally since I OCD.

So very soon, I usually wipe, but not really well. I waste TP by making into a really long, semi-thick piece. But it doesn't really wipe properly. I'm a girl, btw.

So, what is the correct track to wipe, without getting any pee on my hands?

Also, what will appear if I fail to wipe properly/ not wipe?

Sorry, if this sounds so stupid.
Can you wear disposable gloves?
Wipe down, as surrounded by from vagina towards anus to stop any nasty bugs getting into your vagina or urethra.

Also, you ask what will happen if you fall through to wipe properly or not at all? You will have a dirty smelly nouns down there that is what will take place.
You obligation to make sure you are clean and dry. You body will cleanse itself and you will hold discharge and that is fine. But make sure you are dry after you stir potty.

I never get pee on my hands! However.. you can other wash them afterward :) BTW pee is one of the cleanliest things you have body fluid erudite. Can say so for "#2" however. Always go front to fund. Have enough TP to cover your hand and engage the moisture. Dont go so long.. but you can go semi glutinous.

You need to be comfortable with yourself and your body fluids surrounded by case you ever need to prudence for them extra specially!

I would work more on your OCD and being comfy with things, nearby is always soap and water.
thats merely weird !! how old are you btw?
this is gross.
but wateva.
u should always no matter wat eva u do, one or two. wipe from the front of your bum... vagina or penis nouns, to the back. this way u dont travel the germs from your wee or poo to a different hole. if that make sense.
Front to back consequently drop the paper is the correct way. With the fair amount of toilet paper. You can reach from at the back or you can push back from the front. I really don't know what to tell you just about touching the pee part. It is important to wipe correctly after peeing. If we don't wipe after we pee the likelihood of moisture build up are greater. And when there is an imbalance of moisture contained by that part of our body it can cause yeast infections that organize to other complications if left untreated not to mention the bad odor. If you are panicky of accidentally touching your pee why not carry disposable gloves with you. Nobody will know and it won't stress you out (OCD).
The lone way to make for sure that you don't seize pee on your hand is to wear a glove. But the proper way is from front to backbone. And you can always wash your hand afterwards, remember that.
why not wash? you people obligation to get in the craving of washing instead of relying on tissue alone. thats disgusting!!
I don't wipe I a moment ago but the snake back in the spinal column. Not every one know what is ocd??
Since you had OCD, I think it is prerequisite to use lots of toilet paper.
Are you a girl? I think so.
If so, wipe DOWN and try not to draw from in on your hands.
wipe like its a credit card and wear some gloves
always wipe from back to front towards you otherwise germs from your backside may cause an infection in your bladder

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