What cause the movements of most elderly general public to be slow?

Either I am not using the correct search words or there is no information on this on the Web (don't believe that). If anything can be done in the region of it, I need to know. Thanks.
As an elderly person, and senior citizen, I can right to be heard the answer is that the joints and muscles tighten up over long periods of sitting, standing, or lying down, and it take a minute or two to be able to move at a little speed. Some seniors are slower than others, depending upon the amount of leisure they have.
Loss of muscle mass, loss of strength, loss of balance, loss of some of the connections between the brain & the muscles (degenerating jittery system), loss of confidence due to a fear of falling, pain & stiffness due to arthritis, loss of mental sharpness, depression, affliction & discomfort from a range of other illnesses.

Basically a lot of these things come near ageing unless an effort is made to maintain things, through regular physical & mental exercise.

Luckily age-related degeneration can be slowed down or reversed, even within very elderly people. The right sort of exercise is esteemed - this could be working with weights, walking, low-impact aerobics, using stationery machines in the gym, swimming, aqua aerobics, yoga, or even chair-based exercises for those who are smaller amount mobile. Expert, qualified instruction is essential, and should include a medical clearance, and take all physical limitations into consideration.

Elderly family usually enjoy the social aspect of exercising in groups. Other social goings-on can also help the brain to remain sharp, and help elderly population to avoid isolation and depression.

There is SO much that can be done. This will become increasingly important as the population of most western countries continues to age. Source(s): Qualified fitness instructor
Old Age Source(s): http://www.answers.com/topic/old-age
I work within a nursing home and the most common reasons appear to be distress, decreased muscle strength and endurance, reciprocated impairment ie arthritis etc, cognitive deficits ie the loss of ability to plan the movements required or neurological conditions approaching parkinsons which cause 'freezing' and cause the individual to not be able to initiate movements. Only things to do bout it are to treat the causes ie dull pain relief, gentle exercise, psychiatric therapy etc. Oh and depression and lack of motivation to move can be a big factor too. Source(s): observation of lots of outmoded people at work
Ummm I dnt no =] maybe the deterior ration of der myelin sheath? =P hmmm
How a person feel when they age depends a lot on how they lived their life. Where nearby any injuries, what did they do for a living, what is their health like? All of these question, and many more will depend on how they feel as they are elder. Mostly your body just wears out. You shrink as you acquire older and your muscle tone is not what it used to be. If you are referring to a family contributor, try to get them out for a walk or contained by an exercise class. There is a lot of water aerobics that are great for geriatrics. Yahoo Heath as some great articles more or less aging as well. http://health.yahoo.com/other-other/healthy-aging/healthwise--tn9719.html
There is the brain function. Some elderly have trouble coordinating their movements because of brain deterioration/aging. There are various neurological deficits that occur beside older age (Parkinsons, etc.) Other causes involve unified wear/tear. You're not going to move very fast if you're contained by pain with every step. In that bag, joint replacement can be a great help. Also, when you procure older, you stop getting as much exercise. Simple physical therapy exercise can greatly advance mobility & coordination. It's also been shown that accumulation of marine on the brain in the elderly can greatly affect brain function & movement. There are many medication out there for specific causes.
muscles initiate to tighten and loose strength as we get older, also disease and robustness issues play a part in this. My mother is 72 and have had Parkinson's Disease for the past 13 yrs and prior to this, I never buried or remember having empathy to those who were slow or elderly, I wasn't rude but I be not sympathetic as I am now.
I also have more respect for the safekeeping givers because many times due to the Parkinson's, the brain doesn't tell the legs to move forward, she freezes closely "locks in place and cannot move" people at the back us while going into stores will become rude and impatient. Understanding they have no clue why my mother is so slow and cannot move, I explain that the more they try to rush her, the longer they will have to skulk because anxiety increases the symptoms of PD and unless she can relax and get some rythym, she cannot get going forth again.

I hold actually blasted people right within public due to their rudeness. I think many times the public dream up these slower people are purposely trying to tick them off, when contained by reality they have a medical condition or delicate muscles due to aging that slows down their pace.

One day I took mom shopping, I get out of my car and put the groceries in her house and she be still standing behind my car, she be stuck in place. I came out and said "you're still out here? what the hell are you waiting for!" and we newly laughed it off. It is an upsetting situation when she struggles to put your foot, but when you make light of it, it relaxes her and help us cope better with it. What is even more ironic is now because rhythm help her brain to send messages to her legs, I sing "we're OFF to see the wizard" I stress out the "we're" like weeeeeeeeee rrrrrrrr OFF and my husband and father stood in attendance laughing one day when I showed them as she was stuck, and I begin to sing how she went from frozen in place to walking close to nothing was wrong near her.
It is a very strange disease, but goes to show how meaningful our brain truly is and how it allows us to function.

So when you see an elderly person who is slow, be patient, and charitable, and if you see they may be struggling, offer assistance. It is amazing to see how many rude, in the dark people out there and when I see someone be humane to my mother and helpful, I truly appreciate that and I know she does too.

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