My right side hurts really fruitless when I pee and I own to pee commonly beside zilch coming out?

I currently have a kidney stone on my right side. Every presently and then it hurts so bad it make me nauseated. The first time I felt it I went to the ER, have a CT Scan and they found a kidney stone. I am hoping it passes. If you are having problems going the bathroom it could be something resembling a UTI. I heard if you kidneys start hurting that means the infection have gone up to your kidneys. I hope you feel better and don't let it be in motion on for long. Source(s): Personal Experience
you need to see a doctor asap - tomorrow morning.
you hold some sort of urinary tract/kidney infection.
You could have:
1) Kidney stone (blockage, pain localized to one side, sore urination)
2) Kidney infection (Pain in kidney area, frequent urination)
3) Urinary tract infection (Pain contained by kidney area, frequent urination)

in any of those cases, you emphatically need to see a doctor.
You might have a bladder or kidney infection. A kidney infection, if left untreated, can organize to kidney failure.

Please go to the doctor as soon as possible result in it might be something serious.

Take care!
Pain close to that can come from a kidney infection. Though chances are slim at that, I've never heard of anything else that cause pain like that (though I'm simply a teenager so it's not very surprising that I haven't). Anyway I suggest making an appointment next to your doctor now, and if the pain increases run to the hospital.
are you sitting down or standing up? Try the opposite
Sometimes problems like that have to do next to the kidney, but chances are it's not that. I'm sure its something less serious. But you should should see a doctor if the spasm doesn't go away.
maybe you have an infection. bladder infection
Sounds like you have a simple bladder infection. You want make a dr.'s apt. and they will take a urine token from you to determine if you have a bladder infection. They will probably give you antibiotics. Just remember to rest and drink lots of fluids. Take guardianship. Source(s): Nursing student :)
you might want to get tested for a uti also
You could hold a kidney infection. See a Dr. as soon as possible as this can cause serious problems.
you have got kidney infecton or bladder draw from to doctor.
Please you have to see a doctor right away..infection within the kidney should be treated right away to protect your kidney.

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