Can spray paint hurt you if you breathe it contained by?

Inhalation of the fumes is insecure to your brain and kills brain cells.
yes too much exposure to spray paint can cause dizziness headache or even worse nevous system damage so use a costume when applying anything like spray paint or the spray you use for the shoes to keep out dirt and wet
The paint will coat your lungs and harden and the fumes exploit on your central nervous system. It can depress the timid system so severely that it can cause your heart and lungs to stop functioning. For those who are lucky to be reanimated (brought back to life), you can come out of the the episode near brain damage. Your motor, learning and speaking skills can be grossly artificial. In other words, you can become a vegetable.

I strongly suggest to anyone not to do this intentionally. It's not worth it. But, if you work with paint in the workplace, wear a curtain with filters that are specifically designed to filter out the chemical fumes.
of course check it out Source(s):
Yes, it can have permanent destroy to your brain. I wouldn't get involve in this features of thing.
yes. among other things, it can coat your lungs and inflict breathing difficulties or it can deprive your brain of oxygen
so basically you will know almost instantly if you hold breathed in enough to enjoy effects in you?

or does it take years for you to find out?

whats the worst possible point that could happen?

somone help us out for a sec please?

ANY kind of fumes can shut down your brain cells. Source(s):…
YES, read the can
It is hazardous for many reason's it damages you brain cells and over time you will enjoy cancer,s and become dumb as dirt.
Yes it can... Not sure if you mean dirrect inhale, or inhale of gasses... but either approach... You don't want to inhale that stuff in any mass quantities... It make you high if you don't have proper ventelation (and surrounded by a very bad road...)
Essentially the chemicals in spray paints prevent your blood from absorbing oxygen to your brain, cause the same effect as drowning. The problem is that once dead, brain cell don't re-grow... though there is some medical research showing that SOME nerves may be able to do so over a LONG time of year of time.

Brain dead is brain dead. Kill satisfactory cells and you risk perminant damage - close up in a wheelchair or coffin.
yes...patently...those are chemicals you do NOT want to be inhaling.

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