Dark almost black poo?


I have been going everyday and it have been very runny but today it be extramly dark almost black what would cause this?


Have you been taking drug for diarrhea? If so, many of these medications can bring your feces to turn very dark.
ably if you do not take an iron pill everyday it could be an infection in your Body that inflict your Poop to turn colors.
Could be blood - although you would concentration residue when you wipe...
If it smells worse than normal this could also mean it is blood as matured blood smells bad.
If you have be having pain beside it also I would see a doctor immedately as it could be an ulcer or at the worst chrones...
Taking iron, eating foggy food (liquorice?) or it could be blood. A word with your doc might be a good conception if it's nothing you've eaten.
Blueberries will cause this
internal bleeding can cause blod within stools that make it look black, go within and get checked out
I would deff, go to the doc, my mom have had this happen twice na dshe have internal bleeding which will come from your intestines to yoru stool, Watch it cause her blood coulnt droped quick, Good luck Ya it could also be iron but be prepared for the worse but come up with the best! Source(s): family history
This could be a load of bull sh-t
capably not many here are qualified to help u beside that one, why why do u people keep asking medical question? we're just people who are bored at work!! :)
You may have some sort of infection. Call around and find someone within your area who does colonic irrigation. Have the bacteria flushed out.
Usually the color depends on the food that we eat. But within some cases, blood in the stomach or intestines(like in ulcerations) can grounds black poo. The poo becomes black in color because it have been digested. If the poo is bright red, then the blood come from the anus or the parts near the anus (so no digestion happened). Best thing to do is want pro advice. Go to a doctor and have your stool examined.
could be blood surrounded by stool - see your doctor
When I had my hip replacement I bled internally afterwards and my poo be almost black I think you must get straight away to a doctor ~~
Well are you on any meds?
I've only experienced seeing this w/a friend, but she be
on hard core drugs.
Maybe a virus is running through your intestines.
If you took "pepto bismol" then it can turn it black.
Black Stool - Dark Stool
Be sure to consult your doctor if you are experiencing black or shady colored stools. The more common causes for black stool, black poop, and black feces are:

Look to the diet. Consume greatly of high iron cereals, leafy vegetables, red meat / beef, cashews, almonds, beans, liver, walnuts, clams, salmon, rasins, shrimp, tofu, or spinach? Excessive iron as a module of one's diet can lead to the excretion of black stool. Just because an individual has eat a lot of foods with iron doesn't expect that it's safe to rule out the possibility of a physiological problem.

People excreting black stool may be experiencing internal bleeding in the digestive system. It is advise that individuals experiencing black stools when they use the bathroom contact their licensed medical physician to get diagnosed and tested.
Other phsyiological causes can be incurred by giant blood pressure or excessive alcohol consumption.
The one and only ause i can think of is you've eaten a unharmed pack of vitamins in one go
My goodness, My Guinness. Seriously, if you havent be drinking guiness it may be blood. It may not but better to get these things checked out
Feces will not always be alike color or consistency. It changes depending mostly on what you eat, whether or not you own a virus or if there is intestinal or rectal bleeding.

A small amount of blood in feces is generally nothing to be concerned about. It could be cause from a number of things. Also, it only take a few drops of blood to turn a whole toilet bowl red. It often looks worse than it is.

It sounds close to you either ate something that didn't agree with you, own a mild case of food poisoning (your body will want to get rid of it as soon as it can) or an intestinal virus.

Stick to bland foods and clear liquid for a couple of days and see if that helps. If you don't feel better within a few days, see your doctor.
my daughter have the same thing, her poo be like tar, i took her up to the hospital and be told its internal bleeding, so dont put it off it could be serious
Have you eaten Black Pudding?
its blood, see a doctor VERY QUICK, imho GO HOSPITAL
If you are taking Iron supplements that will impose the darkness, if not it could be blood and you inevitability to see the doc ASAP !!.
it could be malaena which means nearby is blood in the faeces which originated within the bowel, this is VERY serious if its the case you need to see your GP.
dim chocolate or mud or dead blood cells. Source(s): do you own an injury in your buttttttttttt or stomach,liver,oesophagus,oral cavity,tracheal openingg,duodenum.blah
You need to immediately calendar an appointment with a doctor. Black feces (poop) indicates that you have lots of iron contained by it, and the primary cause of that would be internal bleeding higher up within your digestive tract. If the bleeding were down lower, it would still be bright red.

At the very tiniest, the doctor will check your iron levels -- if your iron is low, then it manner there is probably bleeding and they'll move on to other test.

If your iron levels are normal or big, then you're getting too much iron and it's turning your poop black.

Call the doc -- today!
Too much protien and/or blood in your stool. Could be a bleeding hemoroid or a bleeding ulser surrounded by your gastro tract. If you get a fever or if it dosent stop contained by a day or two go see your doctor.
What enjoy you eaten (a lot) in the later few days that are dark almost in color? Sometimes enduring food taint our stools. I once ate a lot of peanut butter and my stool be very tan, close to peanut butter. I once drank lots of cocoa and ate cocoa bars...I got especially dark stool. Anyway, if you can't think of anything you ate resembling that, then it might be what the others say...iron...blood... I own a dog and I hold to clean up after her everyday. The first thing I look at is the color... and adjectives the dog health books say if the color is really dark, almost black, then nearby is sign of internal bleeding. Immediate vet! So, if you are still worried, please do go see your doc if the condition persists!! Please rob care of yourself!
Do you take an iron supplement as that can do this

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