What does the indent above your lip do?

Right between your nose and mouth is a tiny indent (also shapes lip). Why do we have that??
My guess is that the indent allows nouns to move more freely into and out of your nostrils.
that's a good question!!..immediately that u say that now im thinking in the order of it lol. and i think it's just so, it could look nice. lol
im guessing it is a muscle and if you had a lip without that you would enjoy a warm face because that brings the atmosphere you breath through your nose.
Its where the formation of you face as a infant in the womb comes together and it also helps a runny muzzle drain away down the side of your mouth rather than straight into it.
The space between the feeler and mouth is called the philtrum (sometimes spelt philtrim). The central depression underneath your nose is called the philtral dimple, and the ridges are call philtral columns. The word is Greek in origin and system “magic potion”. An old wives’ tale have it that the philtrum is a mark left by an angel’s finger at the moment of a baby’s birth. Or so they enunciate.

It serves no purpose.
nothing. some people don't enjoy one. it's where your face come together when you were being formed within the womb. that's why some people have a cleft lip (hairlip). it didn't grow together for them.
It's called a philtrum. It's of late a byproduct of nature. Look at old cartoon about the Irish, they always enjoy a long philtrum. Maybe it's genetic
that is the mid line of where on earth your face is formed - so people beside cleft lips don't have this because they own not formed properly.

According to Jewish religion - when a baby is in utero they know adjectives the wisdom of the world and right before they hand down the womb an angel touches the babies spot right there and the child forgets all the understanding.
In the womb, the tissues that form the palate (the roof of your mouth) and the upper lip come together in the middle and fuse (fuse). You can see the lines of fusion in the "Cupid's bow" under your own antenna, and feel the ridge and line within the middle of your palate (the roof of your mouth). The indent you refer to does not serve any purpose, it is simply there because of the way the fetal tissues develop contained by the womb.
What a funny question! I'm sorry I don't know, but I'm curious as in good health now that you mention it!
I don't know. Some relatives don't have those and it looks different. Maybe it's just one of those things. Like some peoples ear lobes are attached to their head and some people's aren't. Mine aren't.
is a way of god making me a little more attractive haha

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