Why am I so tired lately?

I eat well - no processed foods, plenty of fresh fruit and veg, fish and different meats. Not low in Iron. I across the world get between 7 and 8 hours of solid, uninterupted sleep but wake up awareness absolutely exhausted. Is there something undersupplied in my diet or could it possibly be that I'm not getting enough fresh nouns as the weather is generally too wet and cold to do plentifully of outdoor activities?
stress or Seasonal Affective Disorder maybe ?

Balanced diet, fresh air and exercise. You're missing the exercise. Why not try and associate an indoor club at your local leisure centre if the weather is a problem. Badminton, squash or something resembling that. It'll make a massive difference. Also, check your bed is okay and it not causing you to sleep contained by an uncomfortable position, if you're not relaxing your muscles properly then you won't have a feeling like you've slept at all. Also, (and I'm sure you don't) avoid excessive alcohol because your body will be working adjectives night to clear the system and you will feel tired and slothful when you awake. Above all- visit your G.P. They will be able to support you. Source(s): University of Life
I have spoken to many empire, who are saying the same item. There is not necessarily anything wrong, or 'lacking', but just the end of long winter months. It could also be related to boredom - I know that is the case near me! If you are happy with work and home vivacity then it could be a change contained by weather and daylight hours that makes things come across different. There is always more to do in Summer! Source(s): Current experience!!
maybe you have a thyroid problem - if your tiredness continue, probably best to check it out with your GP.
Could be diabetes bring checked out.
Get yourself checked out for Diabetes,this can make you feel tired.Exercise when you can,I assume your diet is ok but is your body coping with it?
If you have a lot of remarkably very deep sleep you can get up up feeling really tired. I agree with other associates on the fresh air/ excercise thing-stuff the rain, put on a coat and got for a put your foot!
It could be your thyroid. Have you gained/lost solidity, has your hair be falling out more than usual.
This happened to me i have a fit balanced diet, but became tired. I get tested for my thyroid function and i am now under alive. On thyroxin and feel fine, I gained shipment but now back to my everyday.
Good luck
This is a hard one- you may want to look up "chronic sleepiness" on google. I know that my husband never used to sleep well but when he be in boot camp for the army working out adjectives the time made him sleep like a baby- he even started to only have need of 6 or 7 hours of sleep and was more happy and awake next ever. (even sometimes doing okay on 3 hours! when he needed to) So working out can help, if it's theat crazy working out and not what I mostly do witch is just taking a hike or whatever. If that feeling keep up though- do talk to your doctor- because life lacking good sleep is hardly life span at all. When you wake up notion good it makes the undamaged day feel flowing! I'll say a prayer for you! good luck!
go to your g.p - at this time of year those experience a kind of melancholy. winter has dragged on and at hand has been little sunshine,. it could a short time ago be a case of winter blues or anaemia but worth getting a check up to be on the safe side. hold you tried a little sport? just a brisk saunter once a day for 20 mins can have a totally positive effect, or swimming or getting on a bike can all raise your endorphines which make you feel good, give you more energy and gives a better aspect of sleep.
When you get up in the morning, do some serious stretching. I've started to be in motion to Pilates and I feel invigourated.

I still feel tired occasionally, but come the back of March when the clocks go back or forward or doesn`t matter what, (I always end up 2 hours out!), that will be the completion of the S.A.D. season.

The sunshine and light nights will be uplifting - it's be a long hard winter.
It is exceptionally normal to find waking up contained by the morning a 'challenge'. I can sympathise with you! I always struggle to awaken. Bed and sleep are basically SO comfortable! Once I'm up and about though, tiredness ceases to be a problem. If this is the skin too with you, you are OK. However, if you remain tired for the rest of the day read on...

Do you snore?

Some ancestors who think they have have a good night's sleep, have in fact had a night of sleep disturbed by intermittent jam of the upper airway and snoring. There is 'arousal' from sleep that is not remembered by the sleeper. Sleep quality is poor. People near 'obstructive sleep apnoea', develop lower oxygen and higher carbon dioxide in their blood because of the obstructive problem.

Obstructive sleep apnoea is more credible if you are big (overweight) with a collar size more than 17. It is also worse with alcohol delayed at night and any sedative medication. Symptoms include day-time sleepiness, tendancy to dose-off during the afternoon, tiredness etc. It can also result in high blood pressure and heart problems. If you are told that you snore and that near are times when you 'stop breathing' followed by a 'gasp' or 'snort' then obstructive sleep apnoea is a strong likelyhood. If this is the case, you ought to see your GP and ask to be referred to a Sleep Clinic, where on earth studies during sleep can be arranged.

If this is not the case, and you have non-snoring sleep, other possibilities include a impressively sedentary lifestyle (taking exercise and being energetic, increases standard 'zest for life'), lack of thyroid hormone or even being depressed (however you enjoy not mentioned feeling fed-up). If your blood sugar is middle-of-the-road, it's highly unlikely that you are diabetic!

Hope that this information helps.
could it be stress? or something, cuz i mean you have mentioned everything allied to tiredness, Exercise does make u have more drive so try that, try a buys some mulitvitamin tablets that boost your energy
sounds just like me, i dont similar to going to the drs though so i went to Holland & barret and got some ginseng, its done the available job.
You could have too much yeast within your gut which would be resolved by taking a probitic supplement (Seven Seas do a good one called Advanced Formula Multibionta), also Biocare do a obedient range.
I take a multi-vitamin +flaxeed grease which tops up any vitamin deficincies, as soon as I stop taking them I get really tired, so it's worth thinking about also. Source(s): http://www.whatreallyworks.co.uk/start/a…
Could be a thyroid problem, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), possibly something to do with a form of anaemia, pregnancy, chronic fatigue syndrome... or it could only just simply be a lack of fresh air and sunshine (hard to find at the mo I know!). If it carry on or if you are particularly worried see your doc. Source(s): Experience of SAD
Could be an underactive thyroid- go to your doc to obtain a check
several things spring to mind when you say this.

Seasonal artificial disorder, where your mood is linked to how you percieve the weather, so when its raining and damp, you feel slow and/or depressed.
This particularly effects people who are live or enjoy good weather.

pre-stage diabetes, an untimely treatable if caught early, could be something in your diet.

dehydration, this can really effect your body and craft you grumpy tired and lethargic. It is the major explanation of most
peoples minor ailments in the UK.
is'nt it funny no one mentions, in attendance is no fresh air. sorry but its true. problem is highest pollution for 100 years. let all sleep on it..are we all within denial. Source(s): wake up time
drink lots of sea
fresh air, or need thereof can make the difference. also sunshine...
I consider you answered your own question, you have to find exercise, it can be a catch 22, you feel fruitless and don't exercise, so you feel worse and think you can't return with the energy to get out and move !! GET OUT near wear a rain coat, you WILL feel so much better and even permit your self laugh at yourself.

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