Would you die if you didn't pee?

And someone asked me, if you drank just enough liquid so as to keep your body healthy, but JUST adequate, would you still have to pee?

I would love it if you could answer both questions.
um yes u need to remove the excess amonia in ur body which is toxic
yeah u would
yes becus ur body produces waste from just roughly everything. and if u didnt pee ur bladder could xplode and posion u to death
Yes your organs in your body would start to shut down
Sorry but I have to award you near the "silly question award of the day". I think it is a impossibilty not to pee, it would eventually only come out. Even if you could hold it back, your bladder would burst. So yes you would die.
if you didnt pee, then yes you would die

i saw a story on AOL around a woman who died because she didnt wee - not sure how long it was for, but she was contained by a competition to win a nitendo WII and it poisoned her! Source(s): because i just know its common sense, and the story on AOL
Yes of course you would die if you didn't pee. Why do you ponder they have invented dialysis machines to do the work for people who can't!

Yes you would still hold to pee. Water is a natural flushing mechanism. It is designed to rid the body of any impurity!

Would you die if you didn't pee? No... lol I come up with you would lose control of your bladder and pee in your pants

And someone asked me, if you drank only enough liquids so as to maintain your body healthy, but JUST enough, would you still own to pee? No urine is more than just intaken fluids... it's also has bacterial fritter away in it... hence holding your pee equals urinary tract infections. Let's put it this way, you cannot drink satisfactory liquids to stay healthy minus peeing.
if you drank lately enough liquids to stay able-bodied, you would still have to pee. Your kidneys are the organs that make urine. Urine comes from your blood. Your blood filter through your kidneys, and your kidneys removes all of the bad stuff and puts it into urine to be excreted. Alot of medication people take are also excreted contained by urine. If they were not taken out of the body this way they could conquer toxic levels. And if you didn't pee, your bladder could rupture meaning you would be at risk for an infection surrounded by your abdomen and need principal surgery, i suppose you could die. This has happened near patients who are under anesthesia for surgery. The anesthesia causes your bladder to not function correctly, and as a result you can't pee. So peoples bladders hold ruptured. Thats why they usually put a cathetar in surgery patients now. Source(s): nursing student
yes, you own to loose a minimum of about 500ml of liqiuid a day top remove poisonous excess products from your system.
if you don't pee you get toxic and conceivably kidney failure. Yes i believe so.
its the filtration system for your body, you would die of toxemia.

other body fluids use water as well- resembling sweat.

Water is good for you and your bladder needs to be used, so why is someone "not" wanting to pee? That's kinda outlandish, don't you think?

If it hurts they need to see a doctor, to be precise an indicator of infection or worse.
As a Chronic Kidney Failure patient, I can yes to your grill, you would die, your body needs to pee.
My outdated cleaning lady tried this but they arrested her for her own good. Apparently you can drown so forget it and verbs.
I thing that is stuped quistion .but i will answer just about it

If you don't pee , you don't die but it will be pain you and will be seach about another course to coming out .

And if you don't drink any thing you will pee ,,,Bloood . . Source(s): http://www.rasmah.com
I have to say yes.
Yes - you would suffer all sorts of organ failures too.

Urinating is one of the body's ways to flush out toxins if you didn't drink adequate fluid to cause urination you would have adjectives sorts of problems.

Kidney failure for one.

You cannot keep the body tough if you are not urinating.
Yes you would, as a business of fact, a few weeks ago a woman died of holding her pee... radio contest hold your pee for a wii....

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