Round transparant Floater within my eye??

I thought I would ask if anyone knows why I'm getting round seethrou floaters in my eyes. It started roughly 2 weeks ago and I had one in my not here eye. Whenever I looked in a different direction at a wall or a screen I would see it floating almost. I know people get floaters in general but this is a perfect circle.

After a couple days it dissapeared and now I enjoy one in my right eye. Its a dark circle next to what looks like a little ring around it. I'm not chitchat big, just a smallish size, but its worrying me and I have not be able to see the optician yet as Im not surrounded by my home town atm.

I am not diabetic and have for the most part have good eye sight. I also do acquire little sparks in my eye sometimes, even if ive not looked at a bright light which is worrying me.

Im thankfull of any replys
Pls make an appointment...This happen to me, and I eventually had to go for retina reattachment surgery..not fun... Are you nearsighted? More adjectives w/us nearsighted folks.. The rounder your eye, the more easier it is for your retina to weaken , tear and detach...
I have floater also. Mine look like tiny little nats. Mine turn away for long periods and them just drift surrounded by for a very short time and go away again. I own mine in one eye. I had the eye doctor check them. They are okay. They show up roughly once every 4 to 6 weeks. I know people who have them really discouraging. Some even have black spots so large that they own to look around them. They are right in the middle of their vision.

If you haven't already gotten them checked by an eye doctor; you should. They can monitor them surrounded by case they get worst after that on. Your eyes are very important to your existence. Be good to them.
The floaters are usually harmless. I own a lot of them and have since childhood, I asked the optometrist why sometimes they are more noticable than others and she said that sometimes as they are making the descent through the eye they move into a location specifically simply more noticeable. I have ones that round, stringy, etc. I distinguish them most on clear days against the blue background of the sky.

Hope that helps.
I hold one in my eye, but I heard within is nothing they can do to remove it, I also see the sparky flashy silver things, I don't know the cause of that, but I generally get them right before a really desperate headache. good luck
I've have floaters for years and sometimes I see tiny black dots. Are you taking any Rx that might make your eyes sensitive to light? I a short time ago had an eye exam and the doctor says my eyes are ok.
Have you have an accident recently?
Many years ago I be attacked from behind by a former co-worker (he was a coke-head, long story) and he rake his fingernails across my eyes. My both eyes were swollen shut and I was essentially blind for several days.
Not to long afterwards I started seeing what you are describing- little floating circles that would appear out of nowhere. When I finally go to an eye doc, he told me that a small piece of tissue had actually be ripped and was indeed floating around my eyeball. It was nought serious and there was nought that could be done about it. He told me is would settle ocassionally then resurface. Maybe not serious but still vastly unsettling.
As for the "fireflies", I also get those too- usually when I stand up too quickly or seize lightheaded for a moment. I've been told these are fairly average too as many of my friends (not the coke-heads) have mentioned them .
Black small floaters are pretty normal but I think what you MAY be discribing here are the signs of a migraine.I in fact get them, it goes resembling this...when I'm focusing on my computer screen or reading a book parts of the page becomes transparent similar to I can't actually see within the transparent shape [the shape for me is a twist shape] only around it...I can only identify the words from the shapes of the words any side of the zigzag. I did go & see my optician & he be the one that told me that it was a migraine without discomfort.

He said it was called "migraine beside aura"
Migraine with aura is characterized by a neurological phenomenon [aura] that is experienced 10 to 30 minutes past the headache. Most auras are visual and are described as bright shimmering lights around objects or at the edges of the field of trance called [scintillating scotomas] or zigzag lines, curved images, or hallucinations. Others experience pro tem vision loss.

Headache-free migraine is characterized by the presence of [aura] without headache. This occur in patients with a history of migraine next to aura.

Yes! some people do get a migraine lacking any pain at all.
apparently individuals that get painful migraines don't experience what they phone up [aura]…………

best you make an appointment with your optician though basically to be sure...Good luck

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