How can I cure crumbling fingernails?

For some months my fingernails have been deteriorating. Several of them enjoy cracked from top to bottom and then have peel away from the crack. Also they have become ridged from top to bottom. They are not brittle. This problem is gradually spreading to the rest of my fingernails.
I never wear staple varnish and use masses of a good ability nail and hand cream every year.
I suspect this may be due to a mineral or vitamin deficioncy of some sort.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
You will find a very good inventory of products on I recommend the Aloe Gel as a drink to boost your immune system. The propolis cream would be very good for direct application to your nail. Also the Aloe First. That is a bit like a first aid spray Start using the Aloe Soap. These products are not available in shops. E-mail me for more info to frankwoodsflp(a)eircom.lattice or ph me at 00 353 1 298 3383. No matter what country you are in nearby is a FLP HQ near you. You only hold to order over the phone and you will receive it within two days. I find the Company second to none for public relations. Good luck and Happy New Yr.
sounds like a fungal infection see a doctor
if they are becoming gooey and a yellowish colour, and are coming away from the nail bed then you may enjoy a fungal infection. especially if its spreading to the other nails too. if its not though, you probably just hold flaking nails, so use a hardening clear coloured varnish (something resembling OPI nail envy) and they will heal contained by no time! good luck xx Source(s): beauty psychoanalyst!
sounds approaching a nail infection caused by germs . go to the docs for some topical treatment
1. Protect your nails from wet. Wear cotton-lined, rubber gloves when doing household chores, such as washing dishes. Between uses, turn rubber gloves inside-out to dry to prevent germs from growing in them.
2. Apply moisturizing lotion to your nail, especially the skin around the nail, after exposure to water. Even a minor cut alongside your fastener can allow bacteria or fungi to enter and cause an infection.
3. Wear gloves within cold weather and during activities that might harm nail, such as gardening.
4. Keep your nails short to prevent breakage. Trim your nails individual when they're well-hydrated so they'll be less brittle when clipping. File nails within only one direction — not back and forth, which also can split nail.
5. Moisturize your nails after using nail polish remover, which dries your nail. Look for an acetone-free formulation.
6. Don't push back or cut the cuticles, which protect new fastener growth.
7. Don't pick at hangnails. Instead, clip them close to the skin surface with sharp, clean cuticle scissors.

The moisturizers that contain alpha-hydroxy tart or
lactic acid such as Lac-Hydrin, help the most especially when applied at
bedtime and after putting on a glove or cotton sock so the moisturizer
doesn't rub off as easily. Also, B complex vitamins or specifically Biotin
(2.5mg/day and no more) may minister to.

Good luck!
Stop it! Bad! Stop! No! Don't ever do it agin. Okay your cured. Source(s): Family Guy
Eat bananas.
. . . instead of peeling fingernails, try simply rinsing under the hit to preserve the goodness of the natural vitamins and minerals . . .
Sounds like a medical do. I'd recommend consulting your doctor. In the UK the most relied upon nail treatments are from the Jessica range and also Sally Hansen. I've have some success using the Jessica range, above all post-acrylic (fake nails) when mine were wrecked - peeling, splitting, thin, ridged. Its taken almost a year for them to strengthen. Good luck anyway.
avon cosmetics have a peeling solver staple varnish, as an ex representative i know it has had righteous results for my customers in the pass. type it into a search out engine you can buy from them online too.
Put more calcium in your diet..
for some purpose people suggest that its to do with intake enough fruit and veg- and they are right.

I have rightly long nails but sometimes when im not eating ample my nails do the same and crack. Although consumption the right things will help they wont help them to restore your health in the bestest way.

Using cream for the cuticles and cream for the nail will help a lot. You can buy these products from ordinary shops (recomend boots) when looking glam again you will feel much better and if you keep pamper them once in a while with products that'l give support to. Also keep trying different things concaining vit and mins.
Take calcium. Source(s): m
All women should take a multi vitamin supplement. Especially from the unpunctually 20's on. The vitamins will keep all your body elements on the right track. For a prompt fix, eat yogurt, dairy products and/or jello. The gelatin will strengthen your nails the quickest. Source(s): Nutritionist.

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