Give me a 2 or 3 minute speech on why i should'nt smoke?

anythin will help like roughly my health, socially or others just any/all reason
be my guest..
kill your self
and others too...
(did you not learn ANYTHING at conservatory??)
No need to 2 or 3 minutes speech .. very simple certainty that you have already thinking on those lines... you have confused yourself .. surrounded by this case .. with indecisiveness.. and for me it is the most strong point .. your anyone concerned about your own self .. and you knowing the answer.. it should be taken as you know .. you should not smoke.. for your own self.. forget about how it effects others .. it is YOU who is vital .. not others .. it is your health what you should be worried about .. why to find other excuses from social reason... and i am sure you wish to avoid smoking .. Good .. it is You .. and You should be the most important personality to yourself .. as a start... Charity begins at home.. and get along near ..Take care..
umm yea my dad died and he smoked!! and it doesn't serve socially-- people like you WAY better((no offence)) if you don't smoke you won't smell close to smoke you won't have yellow teeeth and finally-- it take about 5 years to clear out the smoke from your lungs!
Wait, do you mean smoke Marijuana or cigarettes? If its cigarrettes, they organize to physical addiction, have a lot of toxic fumes, tend to smell bad, lead to lung cancer,

Marijuana, on the other hand, is not nearly as impossible. It doesnt cause physical addiction, smells nicer, and can be smoked through water filter taht remove a LOT of the nasty stuff you inhale from directly burning it. Really, I cant think of any reason to not smoke weed, exceot that it is more expensive than cigarrettes and is illegal in most of the US, and cruelly regulated across the world.

Really, this is my personal mantra, and as you can tell I am pro marijuana.
1 they will wipe out you
2 see number 1
If you need some one to explain the consequences next I believe you are not smart enough to understand. Go ahead, light'em if you gott'em.
You'll die slowly and be miserable.
ok i will

its nasty
it will slay you
your teeth will rot
i dont think anyone would want to kiss you if your mouth tastes approaching nasty smoke
your killing everyone else around you
yuor lungs are turning blacker by the second
in that are more toxic things in the smoke than there is contained by a can of paint
its nasty
your breath will stink
it will kill you
its cruel
it will kill you
its nasty
it will execute you

and if that didn't work then...

fine i hope you choke on your cigarette and maybe that will inculcate you a lesson... Source(s): ...jkjk...
They cost Waaayyy tooo much.
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That's more or less 2 mins.
Because it's too hard to quit.
dude just do what eve u want its ur body but it does mess near ur head
trust me! Source(s): own experiancess
smoking is affecting not only you but others

1. affecting your self
your bloodbath your self and every time you smoke your making your life shorter and shorter. you can get alot of doomed to failure diseases like lung cancer heart problems and alot of infections through out the body
2. other
every time you smoke by some one they are getting half of what you bring back
so not only are you killing your self you are bloodshed others it is called second hand smoke
and it is really bleak if you smoke around a baby or small child cause you are affecting their adjectives entire life

there are tons of reason not to smoke and out of the thousands of them i have only name a few
Lung cancer, Shortness of breath, Stinking, Give me a good foundation to start.
This is why I wished I didn't smoke..I have copd from smoking I can merely dream of running, walking is a choir, they are soooooo expensive, you suffer from the craving while at work or anywhere in public you go because where on earth I'm from you can't smoke in public places except bars. They wipe out you, give you all different kind of cancer and i want to stop but can't seem to do it and I now can`t bear them and wish I had never ever started smoking. I can lose bulk, stop drinking, stop just about any fruitless habit but thus far can not kick this point. I now hate cigarettes because they control me I don't control them. I similar to to be in control of my own body. I watch adjectives my aunts slowly dying off because they smoked and could or would not stop ...kinda reminds me of me! I'm 43 and still smoking and hacking!!
they cost a lot money,they make a contribution u lung cancers and ****,and i don't what else
hmmmm...someone presenting a persuasive speech tommorow at school?

Do your own research!
No speech, just a question: How do you surface about lung, throat and tongue cancer?
I think you need to write your own speech. You know adjectives the reasons for not smoking but I will list a few.
Bad for your vigour - causes cancer
Main cause of COPD
Second foot smoke is dangerous to those around you.
Gives you bad breath.
Your clothes stink.
Your home stinks.
As more relations quit smoking, it's hard to find a place to smoke that doesn't offend your friends.
It can bring fires--by falling asleep with a cigarrette.
It causes accidents--people drop cigarettes surrounded by the car and try to pick it up.

Get started writing your speech!!
because you can die and you can bring lung cancer and you will see if u coutine to use it Source(s): i just know
Give you a speech look if you wanna smoke go for it. This is me discussion it makes your fingers yellow and your teeth too. hold you ever tryed it tasted sick. And cancer! I don't see why people smoke present you a speech give me one on why i should. people contemplate it makes them look cool ok try working out and smoke you get sick. I know alot of kids who do smoke and they adjectives say they did it when they where youthful and some even say they wish they could stop but cant because its a drug and their body get sick when it does not get it.. very regretful when you think about it.
I'm not beside stand // Because there is alot better things kids and do other then going around truism don't smoke and your using my air F that this land is free as long as your not within my face i don't care.
Well, when I was little I got cancer. I don't put somebody through the mill it and I live my life as normally as I can. I don't take why healthy people choose to be contaminated by smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. I am currently studying medicine. There are so many diseases and illnesses that can eradicate you at a drop of a dime like a cerebral hemorrhage. With adjectives those diseases and illnessess against you why increase the chances against you for dieing. There are hundreds of babies, kids, children, people contained by general that wish they be healthy and wish they have one more day. Some freshly wish to look and be normal. So why can't a soul that's healthy try their best to stay that way. Some things are not contained by our power..others are. Thank you. Can I get an Amen?
.......cause the cancer didn't thieve my sense of humor. :)
I'm so not doing your homework for you. :P

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